Beaches and Baler

If you think Sabang Beach is the only beach in Baler, you are wrong. Although it has the best location, close to Baler resorts and hotels, you should always explore other beaches in the area. 

Baler may be the surfing capital of the country, but it doesn’t mean that’s all you can do. Go and explore on your own or ask the friendly locals where to go. Who knows what you’ll find or experience? Here are 4 beaches to help you get started:


Diguisit Beach

Unlike Sabang Beach, Diguisit Beach isn’t exactly for surfing or swimming. You can come here to explore and view the amazing rock formations. It’s a good backdrop for taking photos and some tourists even try to climb them, under the advise of a guide, of course.


Ampere Beach

Another beach more for viewing and photo ops, Ampere Beach is quite unique as it has stones of varying sizes as opposed to sand. It’s also quite a good spot to catch the sun rise.


Dipaculao Beach

If you want tamer waves and whiter sand, Dipaculao Beach is the place to go to. It’s about an hour away from the town proper of Baler but it’s definitely worth the travel.


Dicasalarin Beach

Looking for total peace during your vacation? Go to the privately-owned Dicasalarin Beach. This beach is not open to the public but a tour may be arranged when you stay at specific accommodation options in Baler that can provide access. Apart from the beach, Dicasalarin also has an extraordinary lighthouse well-worth the visit.


If you are a guest at Cube, the hippest resort in Baler, staff may arrange access for Dicasalarin Beach. Cube is ideally located close to Sabang Beach and is a good jump-off point for exploring other beaches and attractions in the area.


Upon entrance to Cube, you’ll find a large swimming pool with a pavilion in the middle. But the main draw to the Baler resort are the white container vans with blue roofs that house the rooms.


Twin, Trio, and Quad sharing are available in the resort, making it ideal for couples and even barkadas. For those planning to stay longer in Baler, Cube also has a Suite that comes with a receiving area and a kitchenette.


For dining, the Cube Restaurant is open from 6AM to 10PM. You may also find plenty of other food joints just a short walk away.

This summer, make your vacation different. It’s time to explore new places and experience new things. Stay at Cube, a Baler resort that can suit your needs during your well-deserved outing.