Bring Back Summer: Travel-Related Things to Do When It’s All Clear

What’s the first thing you’ll do when the community quarantine is over? Hit the gym, stay at a hotel like Bayfront Hotel Cebu*, see your closest friends, resume office work, go to live shows, eat at restaurants, or go to a bar and dance? The list probably goes on!

Since Day 1, we’ve been holding on to positivity while hoping everyone’s safety despite the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. If you can’t wait for life to go back to normal, you’re not alone. We have our respective post-quarantine dream day thinking of all the fun outdoors waiting for us.

Can we all agree that among the simple things we can’t wait to do—is to travel? The thing is, there will be no official green light to signal us that it’s safe to resume traveling like before. According to this Forbes article, “Travel and tourism is a highly resilient industry that has come back again and again from diseases and natural disasters.” It added that despite the challenges, it won’t be like this forever.

Brings out optimism, doesn’t it? So how can we make travel happen and see the world again amid the pandemic?

1. Assess your risk tolerance.

It’s inevitable that once the regulations are removed, people will scramble out of their homes and begin traveling to places where they’ve been itching to go. It will never be 100% safe, so better be extra careful! Always make smart decisions and take prudent and necessary measures. Social distancing will still be a must, so you’ve got to stay away from the big crowd, big cities, and, if possible, public transportation.

2. Travel local.

It’s better to stay closer to the safety of your home, so forget international travel for now. Domestic travel and family staycations are safer for the time being.

3. Make it fast.

Yes, it’s tough, especially for many wanderlusts to cut their holiday short. A quick time-off won’t be enough to satisfy their itchy feet typically hungry for more and longer escapades. But, a weekend getaway is safer than a week-long summer vacation.

4. Plan your next trip.

When it’s “all clear” and there’s no need reminiscing your past travels anymore, for sure, you’ll be fired up to redeem all the planned trips that got away. But how ready are you? You won’t be, unless you do the planning. Certainly, there will be a lot of adjustments you’ll have to make like checking your set destinations if they aren’t in quarantine.

5. Review your list of travel essentials.

Shopping online to complete your packing checklist is much safer than actually going to the store. Update your list of travel essentials until you have the sufficient kits and gear ready for your next vacation. So once you’re allowed to fly, you’re prepared to go.

6. Choose value for money over discounts.

At this point, we’ve spent too much time indoors and we can no longer wait to leave our houses. And to excite the demand, there are plenty of amazing travel deals to different destinations available right now. But before your dive in and grab these lowest offers, remember to put value for money first more than discounts on the accommodations.

For a start, browse through the great deals of Bayfront Hotel Cebu, a 3-star hotel near SM Cebu and overlooking the Mactan Channel. It’s an ideal vantage point while exploring the Queen City of the South.

Hope everyone’s safe at home. In time, this pandemic will die down just like the rest of the plagues humankind has endured. Let’s all look forward to the day when it’s safe to go outside and keep holding on to the hope that there’s life after all this. To better tomorrow!

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