Can’t Go Abroad? Treat Yourself to A Staycation Instead!

Traveling is awesome, but it can be a hassle sometimes. Expensive plane tickets, long immigration lines, and overcrowded places. So why not plan a staycation?

Think about it. You can just spend for your Kuala Lumpur accommodation to a luxurious hotel like Grand Ion Delemen, and pamper yourself. Exquisite rooms with plush pillows, delectable food being sent to you at your whim, and unique facilities you can visit 24/7.

But a good staycation still needs a fool-proof plan. So here are some helpful tips to make sure yours goes on without a hitch!

Pick a hotel near places you want to visit

Grand Ion Delemen

Even if you live in your city, there’s bound to be places you haven’t visited before. Whether these are restaurants, shopping centres, or tourist destinations, make sure that you choose that gives you access to them.

Limit the trip to short road trips

Road trip

You might want to get a little farther away from the city, and this is still a staycation. For instance, Kuala Lumpur has highlands that people can go to if they want to get away from the busy streets of the central business district.

Choose a destination that is, at most, an hour and a half away from you. It would be an easy drive to and from the hotel this way, plus it’s still a change in landscape.

Make sure your house is cleaned first


Depending on how long you’re going to be away, make sure that your house has been cleaned first before you leave. This way, you can check what hazards you need to address so that your house is safe and secure when you’re gone.

You probably don’t need to ask someone to check on it since you’re not going to leave for a very long period of time. But just in case asking someone to look after the house for you gives you peace of mind, you can ask a friend or even just your neighbour to text you updates.

List down all the places you want to go

City tour

The purpose of a staycation is to make sure you’re able to relax and unwind. So, if you’re planning to go out of the hotel and visit some place, make sure it’s not much of a hassle for you as well.

Other than choosing a hotel that gives you easy access to these places, your itinerary has to offer a logical flow as well. Maybe you can go to the farthest place first, and then make your way to the nearest places to you.

Don’t hesitate. Indulge.


If you want to have that risotto at quarter past midnight, then by all means order it. If you want to spend all afternoon lounging by the pool with drinks in hand, then go on and do it. Remember that this is still a vacation, so make sure you enjoy yourself.

Go on and choose your hotel, book your stay, and pack your bags. It’ll be one heck of a staycation!