Coloring The Winds Of This Artistic Lodge In Batanes

With Batanes on every traveler’s bucket list, what do you get when you mix nature and art together? Introducing a small province in the north of Philippines, Batanes holds the key to one of nature’s spectacular view, a whole range of sumptuous delicacies, a group of friendly Ivatans and their stunning historical landmarks that bring out the colors of Batanes. From the eye of every person who has set foot on this paradise, Batanes is practically a playground for photographers everywhere because of their remarkable landscape and seascape that leaves a mark in everyone’s heart.

Amongst the summit hills of bustling trees and winds, lies an authentic and cultural countryside-like cottage known as Fundacion Pacita Batanes Nature Lodge. This was once the home and gallery of an International artist named Pacita Abad. Her outstanding artworks and love for the locals leaves a mark in every masterpiece she has created. Over the years, it has turned into a homey and a lively artistic community where visitors would pay an airplane ticket to experience a stay by the mesmerizing nature surroundings.

When you stay at Fundacion Pacita Batanes Nature Lodge, you will discover that there’s a story behind every lodging name leaving you to realize that you are surrounded by this unique and welcoming atmosphere of your own home. When you stay in their cozy and comfortable rooms, you will feel like you’re staying among the exceptional artworks of a true artist. After all those exploring you can always end your day with some mouth-watering food that will give you a gratifying experience.

Despite their strong weather conditions, there’s always something beautiful that blooms out hope and love from the Ivatan community. Their rooms, location and their delicious food of Fundacion Pacita Batanes Nature Lodge are all inspiration that supports their lively and artist. So if ever the word Fundacion Pacita in Batanes comes to mind, you will know where to fly to and once you arrive, you’ll discover the wondrous stories.

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