Discover the Wonders of Olongapo City in Zambales, Philippines

Do away from the staple holiday destination and find your unique retreat in one of the best Subic beach resorts. Doing so allows you to discover and explore the city of Olongapo in Zambales, Philippines that offers equally wonderful activities that are perfect for any traveler. Among these are:

1. Visiting the culture points that define the city

Discovering Olongapo City’s heritage and exploring its culture points make for a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s date. Partners can visit Casa San Miguel, a place where visitors can watch various artistic performances. Here, you’ll be delighted to see the local artists demonstrating traditional Filipino music and dance.

You can also see the exhibits in Olongapo Museum, which is situated at the East Tapinac sector of the city. Most of the displays in this depository are dioramas that depict the rich culture of the Aetas.

2. Enjoying the fun-filled attractions at Ocean Adventure

This family and child-friendly theme park is also an ideal destination for a romantic date. Regarded as the only open-water marine park in Southeast Asia, Ocean Adventure is famous for its shark, dolphin, and sea lion shows. Considered as one of its main features, the new Sea Lion Theater houses a pool for the sea lion acrobatics and a unique infinity pool backdrop allowing full views of Subic Bay.

Ocean Adventure also shelters an air-conditioned aquarium where visitors can observe colorful species of marine creatures and fascinating coral reefs.

3. Exploring the underwater world at Subic Bay

Look for the most affordable Subic hotel and resort to behold the world-famous diving destinations in the region. Subic Bay, which is famed as the Philippines’ top wreck dive site, is home to shipwrecks that date from the Spanish period and World War II.

Some of the most favored sites in this place include the USS New York (a 19th-century battleship), and El Capitan and San Quentin (2 ships from the Spanish era). It is best to dive here from early January up to the end of May.

4. Experiencing a refreshing eco-tour

Subic Bay presents various options for ecological tours. One of the most popular tours is the trek along the Apalin Trail, where couples can peruse the marvels of the Subic rainforest. The action-packed trip ends at the peak of the Apalin Point, which offers fantastic panoramic vistas.

Another famous tour route is through the Pamulaklakin Forest, where visitors get familiar with native herbal plants. Here, you can also have a picnic while appreciating the lush vegetation.

5. A load of adventure in a waterpark

Choose to stay in Whiterock Beach Hotel Waterpark to enjoy a thrilling beach escapade. Make sure you’ve packed lots of swimwear because Whiterock’s 15 pools and 40 whirlpools dispersed throughout the property will submerge you in an all-out pool fun. More so, there’s the Ocean Water Lagoon on which you’ll readily take a plunge for its so-called therapeutic salt water.

On land, recreational, extreme adventures, and indoor sports await. Play beach volleyball, full-court basketball, or soccer—all day long on your visit, whether for a day tour or an overnight stay.

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