Eco-friendly Practices You Should Do When Staying in Hotels

Staying at eco-friendly hotels and resorts has become popular for the environment-friendly people and it’s a great thing that the number of such establishments is steadily increasing. But if you really care for Mother Earth, you don’t have to stay in eco-friendly hotels everytime you travel, for surely there are times that you will have to settle with whatever is available at the moment or a place that suits a modest budget.

When this situation occurs, you can always make up for it by doing eco-friendly practices befitting a responsible traveler. Here are some of them which you can easily do in whatever type of lodging you are staying.

  • Maximize the use of towels and sheets


Majority of people have their towels and beddings changed everyday when they are staying in hotels. They think that it’s part of the fee that you’re paying the hotel and besides, it’s not often that you have the luxury of having fresh beddings and towels every single day, right?

Well, not if you’re trying to be an eco-friend individual and if you’re staying there for three nights or even a week. You can inform the front-desk beforehand that you would rather keep your towels and beddings until you check-out. You can also hang the Do Not Disturb sign in your door to prevent housekeeping from changing your stuff.

While you’re at it, minimize towel usage during your stay. No, you don’t have to skip showering. It’s just a matter of using your bath towel to wipe your hands after washing instead of using a fresh hand towel.

  • Don’t waste the toiletries

If you’re the type to bring your own toiletries whenever you travel, then you can easily forego using the hotel’s stuff. If you opt to stock toiletries, try not to waste it. If you weren’t able to empty those small plastic bottles, just bring them with you for your personal use later on. See, hotels will not save those leftovers, they will just throw the stuff away even if they are just half-empty.

Also, don’t open stuff you don’t plan to or won’t be able to use. You can’t really finish two bars of soap during your stay, so just open one and leave the other bar alone.

  • Turn off lights and appliances when not in use

This is true especially if you don’t plan to stay in your room all day. Lots of people have the habit of leaving the lights, the TV, and the air-conditioning on before they leave the room. Yes, you paid for it, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. When you’re in the room, turn off lights that you’re not using; switch off bathroom and hallway lights when you’re in bed.

  • Don’t waste buffet food

It’s so easy to go crazy at the breakfast buffet, especially if it comes with the room rates. We couldn’t miss putting all that stuff on our plate even though we know we couldn’t finish it all or we don’t usually eat a particular dish – it’s free anyway, right? Not if you think about all the food waste that such spread produces. Take only what you can finish, it’s not illegal to go back to the buffet table if you want more food.

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