For Your Summer Cravings, Dine-In At Taal Vista Hotel

Summer doesn’t always have to be about pina coladas and sunblocks. It can also be in a place where you can feel cool winds and popular food stops. Instead, enjoy an overnight stay or two at Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay with Taal view as your vacation from the city.

When you reserve a room in one of the longest standing hotels in Tagaytay, you will get free access to the hotel’s classy dining facilities upon confirmed reservation. Here’s what you should munch on during your stay.


While waiting for your room to be prepared, sit back in this area and listen to some classical music right in front of the Taal Lake view. If you have a sweet tooth, you might want to try some of their desserts or juicy drinks to freshen up after a warm day. During your spare time, you can read a book or write an entry in your journal about your visit.


For a light ambience indoor or outdoor, you can feast yourself in a buffet or a-la-carte setting of International cuisines and other sumptuous dishes. Try not to eat with your eyes but you will certainly enjoy the desserts section. Enjoy all the variety they have to offer and they can even prepare your own meal just the way you like it!  


Stating the obvious from the restaurant name itself, dine-in to something natural and filling. Located only a few steps away from the main hotel, you can embrace the beautiful weather with some of their tasty pastries. While you eat, you can see how the chefs prepare the dishes live.

So make sure you reserve a table or seat when you visit these dining facilities during your stay. They are known for their food preparations and generous servings for their guests.

The hotel also offers special promos not only for accommodation but for dining as well. For more information about the hotel, special offers, or significant places nearby, check out the Tagaytay hotel promo rates in the official website of Taal Vista Hotel at