Fridays Puerto Galera Gets Featured by AsianTraveler

AsianTraveler’s dynamic duo Josue Jamlang and Tabitha Fernan Jamlang went on an adventure in Puerto Galera, courtesy of Fridays Puerto Galera Resort and AirTrav Philippines. The resort was featured on their #onAssignment series.

You may watch the feature story right here.

The magazine show feeds travelers’ wanderlust soul by presenting breathtaking scenes around the world so they can learn a thing or two about anything travel related. This time, AsianTraveler featured the resort in Boquete Island, a little yet enchanting island inside the lagoons of UNESCO-protected Muelle Bay.

Boquete Island is the home of Fridays Puerto Galera, a tropical paradise where guests can refresh their spirit and experience absolute bliss during their stay. A weekend island getaway from Manila, Fridays is the only luxury resort in Puerto Galera where you can indulge, play, and explore on your well-deserved holiday.

Make it Fridays the next time you ask yourself where to stay in Puerto Galera. Here’s where you can totally relax knowing that you’re in a secluded, tranquil environment. Its accommodations carry the same tropical feel that makes its sister property in Boracay a top option for travelers.

Its villas adapt a modern design but still imbibe the rustic local feel by using cogon-thatched roofs and bamboos. The beachfront accommodations have balconies overlooking the pool and the bay. The rooms in the southern area of the resort are for those who love the views of the lush mountains and landscaped gardens.

Fridays’ invigorating private beach and water activities will level up your Puerto Galera escapade. Here, you can try surfing, wakeboarding, yacht sailing, jet-skiing, kayaking, and a whole lot more.

Surrounded by a wild jungle of enthralling landscapes and hiking spots, Fridays also offers inland tours: Tukuran, Tamaraw Falls, Baclayan Mountain Trek, or Mt. Malasimbo. Fridays Puerto Galera is also a jump-off point to several top diving sites in and around Boquete Island.

This feature in AsianTraveler Magazine fairly captures the wonders on this true-life fantasy island.

Fridays Puerto Galera Resort is located in Boquete Island, Puerto Galera, Mindoro, Philippines. Book direct online thru