Fun Things to do With Somerset Hotel’s Facebook Promo

The Somerset Hotel in the Maldives has an awesome promo you might want to check out!

You can enjoy a 40% discount on your Maldives accommodation just by liking their Facebook page and using the exclusive promo code when you book. What can be better than staying in one of the most beautiful islands in the world for less, right?

But while you might be overwhelmed with the amount you’d be saving, here are fun things to do during your stay that you can start planning.

Breakfast at Belle Amie Bistro

With your booking through Facebook, you’ll get a buffet breakfast inclusion at The Somerset Hotel’s Belle Amie Bistro. 

It’s all about fusion cuisine when you dine in this restaurant, serving the best of local and international fare. Enjoy dishes which combine the flavours of local dishes with international favourites. This is a casual dining French-style bistro, the perfect place to relish good food and company. 

Island Adventures

At The Somerset Hotel in the Maldives, there are excursions you can take to maximize your time on the island. For instance, there are diving and water sports activities, resort visits, and submarine dives you can do. These allow you to see pristine beaches and the untouched beauty of the sea. Who wouldn’t want that, right?

Comfortable Rooms

Of course, you’re in the Maldives to indulge yourself and get away from all the stress of urban life. The Maldives accommodation in The Somerset Hotel offers all the amenities you’ll need so you can just kick back and relax on your stay. 

Their spacious rooms come with a tea and nespresso facilities, flat screen TV, and a private bar with premium non-alcoholic beverages. After a full day out on the beach and chomping your way through the Belle Amie Bistro menu, your Somerset room is going to be your best friend.

Countless Advantages

More than just a leisure destination, The Somerset Hotel Maldives is the premier hotel for business travellers looking for benefits that will make their stay both indulgent and convenient. For instance, we offer an express check-in and check out, complimentary airport shuttle on a daily basis, and secretary services.

There are spacious meeting and conference facilities that are perfect for business gatherings and special events that you’re planning. And if you’re up for it, you and your colleagues can go to the fitness centre because your stay comes with a complimentary gym access.

Convenient Address

The Somerset Hotel Maldives is conveniently located in the heart of Male. You’ll be within a few minutes’ distance of the key shopping areas in the city, as well as dining options, boutiques, and business and government offices.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to The Somerset Hotel page, book through Facebook now, and take advantage of all the perks!