Get The Best Cafe Experience in Penang With These Destinations

Being in Penang feels like being transported to a different kind of Malaysia, one that has the remnants of the country’s old charm and tradition still intact. Sprawling in Penang are shops, hotels, and other destinations that add personality to a place where culture is retained amid modernisation. As you’re walking along its old streets, you will see specialty cafes that offer an experience that is so much like Penang: vintage, with a contemporary twist.

We all love coffee and food; it is the most universal thing we all share other than Maths, and Penang has some of the best coffee destinations any java-connoisseur would love to visit. Here we’ve listed cafes you can try out on your Penang visit.

Macallum Connoisseurs

The space in which Macallum Connoisseurs sits used to be a factory, a dark building at Gat Lebuh Macallum. Now, it is a warehouse cafe that offers a big space for customers. Its high ceiling is adorned with exposed light bulbs and painted with a few shades of grey. The tables are spaced a few metres apart, so you and your travel companions will definitely have privacy.

They serve Western-style dishes like their famous Smoked Duck Breast or a Salad Bagel that comes with Grilled Mushrooms or Cheese Scrambled Egg. Macallum Connoisseurs is also a roastery and a coffee academy, so the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans will waft throughout the place.

Behind 50

Behind 50 got its name because it’s literally located behind a building called ‘50’. Three friends who share an interest in food and art conceived Behind 50’s concept, turning a run down bicycle shop into one of Penang’s unique hole-in-the-wall cafes. But they are most famous for the nostalgic ambience they provide customers through photos of old Penang, vintage items like a gramophone, and the scribbles that cover the walls.

They serve lunch and dinner sets like the Hawaii Chicken and a peanut butter shake. Behind 50 also participates in the ‘suspended coffee’ movement where customers can donate and buy meals for the underprivileged.

Huey & Wah

If you have a sweet tooth, you will definitely love the Marshmallow-Coffee combination available only at Huey & Wah. It’s a no-frills cafe so the ambience is totally relaxing and laid-back. In fact, most would describe the vibe the place gives off as contemporary Australian — cool and comfortable.

They specialise in gourmet marshmallow treats that come in different flavours like passionfruit, vanilla, and rose. You can dunk these chewy sweets in Milo or any of their drinks. But don’t worry if these aren’t your thing because they serve brunch. You can enjoy a croque madame, soft-boiled egg served on toast, and so much more.

Monkeycup Cafe

A cafe that serves great tasting coffee with delectable Thai dishes. Located at Chow Thye Road, Monkeycup Cafe is known for their earthy-tone interior and relaxed atmosphere. In fact, the design makes the place look so surreal because one of the first things you’ll see are lights at their al fresco area leading you inside.

Their Green Tea Latte is definitely to die for: a rich green tea taste that comes with a hint of Jasmine. They use peaberry beans, which are known to be a natural mutation of the coffee bean and its high bean density. Check out their extensive menu of main dishes and cakes, prepared with only the best ingredients.

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Listed here are just some of the cafes you’ll find around Penang. Try these places out and have the most unique food trip you’ll get with your family or friends.