Get To Know Some Of Langkawi’s Best Restaurants

The tropical island of Langkawi has so many things to offer: beautiful beaches, shopping districts, amazing destinations, and unique hotels found only in Langkawi. But if there’s one thing they’re known for, it’s the food. They serve some of the best local delicacies in Malaysia, the freshest seafood catch, and a highly lauded international fare.

To guide you on your culinary trip to Langkawi island, here is a list of some of the best places to eat.

The Gulai House

The Gulai House

The Gulai House is set in a 10-million year old forest and built in the form of the traditional kampung house. The spacious restaurant is divided into sections: al fresco dining, well-lit alcoves covered with organza drapes, and traditional Malay low tables and cushion mats made of hand-woven pandan. Before you can get a taste of their delectable dishes, a wait-staff dressed in traditional Malay garb will help you go through the hand washing ritual, a way to celebrate customs.

For your appetizer, try their big platter of Malay favourites and taste a variety of delights in one sitting. A dish called Otak Otak is composed of grilled fish and prawns, cooked on a banana leaf and filled with shredded vegetables and coconut cream. Their Renda Daging, voted one of CNN’s most delicious food in the world, is composed of tenderloin strips seasoned with blue ginger, grated coconut, and lemongrass.

Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant

Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant

Located in Kuah, Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant allows diners to choose live seafood to ensure freshness. It is an open-air and spacious restaurant that offers patrons a lively dining atmosphere and a view of the Andaman Sea as they enjoy their mantis prawns, lobsters, and clams.

Enjoy signature dishes such as Barbeque Lobster, Nyonya-style grouper, Thai-style steamed fish, and Chili Crab. It may be pricey though, but I’m guessing fresh food like those prepared by Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant is worth every penny.

The Pavilion Restaurant

The Pavilion Restaurant langkawi

The best place to taste authentic Thai cuisine in Langkawi is at The Pavilion. An award-winning restaurant that is perched high on a rainforest canopy, The Pavilion provides food lovers with an al fresco dining experience and treated to classical Thai music.

The dishes are prepared a la minute to ensure that patrons are given only the freshest and the best meals. They are presented in ceramic bowls and they look as fantastic as they taste. You must try their Poh Pia Goong which is prawn lemongrass rolls, Gai Hor Bai Toey which is deep-fried pandan wrapped chicken, and Tom Yam Goong which is a spicy prawn soup.

Kingfisher Cafe

Langkawi Seaview Hotel_Kingfisher Cafe

Kingfisher Cafe offers gourmands a place where they can relish local and international fare in a spot that already provides its patrons total relaxation. Langkawi Seaview Hotel’s Kingfisher Cafe is known for its casual dining atmosphere and their wide variety of food spread.

You can eat here with your partner or plan a lunch bonanza with a big group of friends. Kingfisher Cafe does not just serve local and international food, but they also offer Halal certified dishes; so you can bet your specific tastes will be met here.

D’Reef at The Cliff

D’Reef at The Cliff

Set at the end of the Pantai Cenang cliff, D’Reef at The Cliff is a popular night spot in Langkawi. It’s designed with classy and contemporary interiors and warm lighting, giving it a very relaxing vibe. Not to mention offering the most breathtaking view of the Andaman Sea.

Patrons who love their cocktails will love the concoctions made by their mixologist like Hang On (vodka, Midori melon, orange juice, mango juice, lime juice, and sugar syrup) or The Cliffhanger (rum, peach syrup, triple sec, orange, pineapple, and lime juice). They also serve Malay and Western dishes like lamb rack, crab cannelloni, and pan-seared foie gras.

Make sure to visit these places when you visit Langkawi, wear your eating pants, and chomp on all of their wonderful dishes like there’s no tomorrow.