Go Eco-Friendly During Your Travels With These Helpful Tips!

Doesn’t it bug you when you see trash on the streets when there’s a bin that’s nearby? When it comes to caring for our beloved earth home, we can do the simple acts of clean up and still have fun at the same time. No matter where we go, we should be mindful on the things we use and where to put them, especially when it comes to plastic materials that cost plenty.

When you’re in the midst of the busy city life, it’s actually easy to find a cozy and comfortable hotel in Manila, Philippines. Accommodations that are suitable for those who plan a quick stay before their primary destination, finding a place that are convenient for your travels and money pockets is a piece of cake. For a stay in the city, Swagman Hotel Manila would be one of the recommendations. For our backpackers and budget travelers, packing light would be one of their expertise. Travelling light also comes with knowing what to bring and saving. Here are three tips on how you can save on plastic when you’re always on the go.

  1. Bring your own tumbler or water bottle – Save money from buying more plastic bottles that may end up in the trash bin. With your own bottle, you can wash and reuse whenever, wherever.

When travelling light, we may want to have our clothes washed if the hotel or a nearby place provides a laundry service. If not, simply bring an extra laundry bag or limit the amount of plastic bags that you bring. Just don’t forget to roll your clothes so you have enough space in your luggage.

Most hotels would provide complimentary bottles upon room reservations. Instead of letting it go to waste, you can make use of the bottles and place all other used plastic inside. This supports the plastic solution project that most people participate. It is not only fun but more organized as well.

Hopefully, you will apply these eco-friendly tips during your travels. If you plan to stay in one of The Oriental Hotel properties like Swagman Hotel Manila, you can check out the Swagman Hotel Manila rates through their website. Hotels like this one provides an earthy vibe that most likely supports in showing care to our environment. For bookings, visit https://swagman.theorientalhotels.com/