Here’s Where You Should Be At If You’re A Certified Instagrammer

The emergence of uniquely themed restaurants, cool hangout places, and options for affordable staycation in Quezon City has driven flocks of youngsters towards the North. Let’s admit it; we don’t mind braving the horrible EDSA traffic if it’s for good food—and great IG photos, because you know, “pics or it didn’t happen.”

With that, we’ve prepared a short list of which spots to visit in QC to level up your Instagram feed.

1. Vargas Museum

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If it’s art you’re looking for, this place is definitely the place to be. From sculptures to paintings; exhibits and even performance art, you’re sure to find a piece that’s suitable for your artistic taste. And unlike other museums that have strict “no photography” rules, this one actually allows you to take photos!

2. Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Photo taken from Chronicles of a Clueless APAS Mama

You don’t have to be Alice to explore this kind of wonderland. With their cutesy floral printed couches and fancy lighting fixtures, they sure know how to cater to sweet lovers. Adorned with dainty decors and oozing with pastel colors, it shouldn’t take much effort for one to snap a good IG photo here.

3. Artsy Cafe

Photo by Melissa the Mermaid

Don’t be fooled by this café’s simple and modest façade. It may look plain from the outside, but it’s a whole other world once you step through its doors. With patterned tiles spanning the whole floor area, vibrant chairs, colorful lights, and groovy wall art, you’ll never run out of ideas for a good photo.

4. A Taste of Capitol

Photo by @graciequimson of Instagram

No, we’re not talking about the Hunger Games type of capitol where everything is over-the-top and eccentric. Adorned with decoration reminiscent of the vintage American pop culture, this place is a treat for youngsters with old souls.

Posters and classic mementos from the mentioned era surround the place. Their table tops are even painted with murals, which makes taking a flat lay a breeze.

5. B Hotel Quezon City

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If it’s Instagram bait you’re after, you might as well just book a stay in this hotel where old meets new. Genuinely designed by the marriage of old and new concepts, B Hotel Quezon City is a first of its kind.

Here, the interiors feature industrial elements artistically styled to match the rest of the hotel design.  Who would’ve thought that exposed pipes, bike wheels, and vintage light bulbs could look so edgy on photos?

6. Shutter Cafe

Photo taken from @shutter_cafe on Instagram

I think we just found heaven for foodies and photography enthusiasts. Even the name of the place connotes a coming together of photography and food. Their display of vintage cameras and awesome food are reason enough for you to explore this hub.

Being true to their chosen theme, they even hold workshops from time to time that would definitely help you achieve your “feed goals.”

7. Cubao Expo

Photo from Philippine Primer

Cubao X, as it is popularly called, may have been there for quite a long time now, but it surely never gets old. It’s still considered by many as one of the best chill places in Quezon City.

Hipster or mainstream, this place still attracts numerous people with various artistic tastes with its peculiar murals and one-of-a-kind shops. Its inviting energetic vibe definitely compels you to take out that smartphone and snap a perfect picture of the millennial night scene.

Check out these spots and make the most out of an affordable staycation in Quezon City.