How to Give Tips in Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres draws thousands of visitors every year so the local economy has adapted to cater to tourists from all over the world. Just like any other tourist spot, Isla Mujeres has its own practices when it comes to giving and receiving services.


If you’re planning to visit this enchanting Mexican island, it helps to know how to tip like a seasoned traveler. Keep these points in mind when handing over extra cash for appreciation during your Isla vacation.

  • Tipping in U.S. dollars is accepted, as long as you give it in bills. Foreign coins don’t have value in Mexico.

But of course, giving pesos is way better since it saves time for the recipient and they don’t have to go have it exchanged for their daily use. Most of the service people in Isla Mujeres have modest salaries so tips are very much appreciated.

  • Its customary to give tips equal to 15 to 20 percent of the total bill in bars and restaurants. Some establishments include the tip, which is called “propina” in Spanish, on the bill.

So always check the bill to see if the service charge is already included. Additional tips aside from the service charge is always welcome.

  • When it comes to hotels, tipping the staff on a daily basis is standard practice, which is recommended than tipping on the last day of your stay.

This is because housekeeping staff may rotate schedules and the person who cleaned your room today may not be the same one who will clean it the next day.

Tipping is also extended to those who handle your luggage at the hotels and ferry docks.

  • Tipping taxi drivers is not necessary, unless the they help you with your bags or other ways. You should also include diving and fishing crew, tour guides, and musicians in your tipping list.
  • When shopping in grocery stores, you may encounter seniors and teens who will bag the stuff you bought. Tipping them is a gracious gesture since they don’t receive payment from the establishment and only earn from tips. A couple of pesos per bag is good enough.

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