How to Make the Most of a 24-hour Layover in Makati City

Let’s say you’re on a layover in Manila and you’ve booked a stay at The Mini Suites Eton Tower in Makati, what do you do with your extra time?

While layovers provide you an opportunity to squeeze in a short side-trip in big cities, you sometimes end up being swamped with a ton of options for activities. Here’s a short list to help you make sure you spend more of your time actually enjoying Makati, and not wasting it all on deciding where to go.


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Hit two birds with one stone by paying a visit to Ayala Museum. Connected to shopping complexes, this well-curated museum not only brings you closer to the center of the city, but also to the heart of Filipino culture. It features an extensive display of Philippine contemporary art and pre-colonial archeological artifacts that are sure to give you a substantial knowledge about the country and its history.


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There are a lot of themed restaurants and coffee shops around Metro Manila, but being in Makati, you don’t really have to go far. Shops such as Mudpie Haven, Habitual Coffe, and Caffe Bene offer quaint places to just relax in the middle of the bustling city. Their contemporary interiors and premium coffees are definitely a breath of fresh air from the typical Starbucks-type coffee shop.


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While Makati looks highly urbanized with its towering skyscrapers and busy streets, it doesn’t forget your need for a dose of nature and greenery. Scattered around the Central Business District are parks that allow you to be in the heart of the city while doing away with the unwanted heat and pollution. One of the most famous parks, the Ayala Triangle, also doubles as an events place in Makati where free performances are sometimes available. It also provides food options with a variety of restaurants within the park’s vicinity.


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One of the things Makati is most known of is its vibrant scenes once the daylight retires. This city is peppered with a variety of options for a night out. Dine a-la Great Gatsby in the classy halls of The Penthouse 8747, or have a taste of Asian cuisine while partying at Buddha Bar. Really, the options are almost limitless. From clubs to pubs, laid-back jamming sessions to exhilarating parties, you will never run out of things to do in Makati at night.



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There’s no better way to cap off the day than a restful sleep. Get fully energized before you take on another long flight to your final destination and book a room in one of Makati’s favorite accommodations. While many options are available around the area, among the top choices for travelers is The Mini Suites Eton Tower Makati. Returning guests rave about its rooms’ neatness and affordability. Check their newly launched website for promos and packages.