How to Pack Everything in Your Carry-On Bag When Traveling

There’s so many reasons why people travel. But among the ‘finding myself’ and ‘experiencing the world’ reasons, the common denominator is that everyone just wants to have fun. Traveling is supposed to be your time off from your stressors, a well-deserved break. So your bags and what to pack should be the least of your worries, but we all know it’s everyone’s number one concern.

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Here we’ll talk about how you can pack everything you’ll need for a trip in a carry-on bag. An impossible feat for some people, but it’s oh so convenient when you’re traveling.

Long trips through different climates

Let’s say you’re going from beaches to chilly mountains to cities. Packing for a trip that’s a week or more and for multiple climates can be done.

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For this, assume that you’ll be doing laundry every few days. You can check whether your hotel is offering laundry services, most city hotels do like GBW Hotel in Johor Bahru (especially since it’s in the border between Malaysia and Singapore, most guests are long-trip travellers who’ll be needing those services). But you can always do your laundry in the bathroom if needed.

Find clothes that have multiple uses. Like jackets that have lots of pockets, pants that can turn into shorts, climate-control shirts, and more. Your choice of bag also makes a difference. Consider bringing weatherproof bags with lots of compartments.

The key to traveling light is layering. Bring as few thick garments as you can so that you won’t be lugging such a huge bag. The same light shirt you use in the hot streets of the city or the beach can be used as a base layer for cooler climates. If there’s no other choice but to bring more than one jacket, just carry it with you so you don’t have to shove it in the bag.

As a tip, consider going to the cooler destinations first so you can mail your thick garments to your home. This way, you’ll only be carrying lighter clothes for the duration of your trip.

Business trips

The great thing about business trips is it’s usually short, at most a week. The challenge here is to balance business and casual clothes, plus the necessary gadgets you’ll need.

The trick is bringing only neutral coloured suits which you can mix and match with different shirts and accessories. In this way, you’ll only need to bring one pair of business shoes and one pair for casual clothes. If you’re bringing a jacket or a blazer, just bring it with you so you don’t have to put it in the bag.

For gadgets, you can opt to just bring a tablet with a bluetooth keyboard than laptops. If you don’t have a tablet, you can connect your bluetooth keyboard to your smartphone and save your documents in a cloud folder so you can access and edit them anywhere. You can also take advantage of the hotel’s business centre.

If you’re coming from a conference and are bringing home a lot of documents and freebies, don’t bring them with you when you check-out. Instead, read up on them before you leave and take note of all the important things to discuss with your colleagues at work. Then have the hotel mail them all to your office.

Packing Light Rules of Thumb

Traveling situations can differ, so the above tricks may not all apply. However, there are carry-on rules that you should know to guide you in your packing.

  • Only pack a week’s worth of clothes. If you’re gone for more than a week, do laundry.
  • Wear or bring heavier clothes, don’t pack them in your bag so that there’s more space for other items.
  • Limit pants and shoes to only two pairs. If you can, just bring a pair of shoes for the duration of the trip.
  • Bring clothes you can mix and match with any of the other items you’ve brought with you. If you can’t colour-coordinate shirts with any of the two pairs of pants or shorts, then choose other shirts.
  • If you’re looking to bring books, consider just getting it in ebook form than the actual physical book. In this way, you’re not holding it around with you the whole time, and you can bring multiple books in one trip.
  • Don’t pack items you can easily buy during your trip.
  • Remember that you’re not limited to one carry-on bag. Airlines allow you to bring a purse or a small backpack. So make use of these and pack important items like medication, your phone, and so on.

So are you heading to beaches of the Maldives or to a Johor Bahru accommodation? Keep these in mind the next time you need to jet set to your next destination!