How to Plan A Fun Trip With Your Friends Without Driving Each Other Insane

We love our friends. But there are just some things you can’t do together. Yeah, taking trips with them is awesome and truly unforgettable.

It’s the planning that will drive you all nuts.

Well, not to worry. We’re sharing some of the things we learned after countless hair-ripping planning sessions with friends so you won’t make the same mistakes we did.

Choose who you want to bring with you

Travel with Friends

Before you swear undying love for all your friends, choosing who you get to bring with you isn’t a favoritism game. Remember that you’ll be with them constantly during this trip, so you might as well bring someone you get along with and are close to 100%.

You can always plan another trip to bring along the other half you didn’t choose. That’ll give you the opportunity to learn more about their quirks and habits that you didn’t know about.

Agree on a budget

Agree on a Budget - Travel with Friends

Most fights are because of money. But you can avoid the shouting matches if you decide on the basic expenditures you’re all willing to agree on.

For instance, if you’re looking for a Penang accommodation, you’ll have to make sure everyone can afford to split the fees.

As a tip, you might want to book directly on the hotel website because most offer discount deals and exclusive deals.

To help you, categorise your expenses according to the following:

  • Expenses everyone is required to split (e.g. hotel stay)
  • Basic allowance everyone should have (e.g. food and entrance fees here)
  • Emergency funds (optional)
  • Individual expenses (e.g. flight tickets, travel tax,and visa fees)

Create a flexible itinerary

Planning Trips with Friends

What you want is to have a general idea of the key destinations you can visit on your trip. However, leave room for a little flexibility. There might be shops and hidden restaurants you might want to try out but aren’t exactly included in the itinerary.

Just don’t be too strict with your itinerary, especially ones that come with a time limitations. If you’re already having fun in one destination, there’s no need to rush going to the next one just because it’s on the itinerary.

Share the workload

Friends Travelling

Everyone should contribute in planning for this trip, it’s not a one-man show. If you’re already looking for flight schedules and ticket prices, maybe another person should start looking for hotels.

That being said, there should be one person tasked to collect everything and place it a file everyone can access so each one gets an update.

Group people properly

Planning Trips with Friends

There might be quirks and habits that don’t rub off on some people in your group. So make sure to put like-minded people together in one room. Alternatively, you can also group responsible people with the ones who need a little push to get them moving.

These look simple enough to do, but believe us when we say it took a couple of nightmarish arguments to get it right. But you know what? It resulted to some of the best trips we’ve ever had.

Hopefully, these insights on planning can help you turn those exciting trips with friends to the most unforgettable ones you’ll ever have.