Hungry? Here’s Something New At Swagman Hotel Manila

City life can get crazy and noisy at some time but many don’t know that there are plenty of things to do within the city. With summer coming up, most city dwellers would like a simple staycation in a comfortable and accessible hotel in Manila. Philippines is known for their great hospitality but if you plan to head over to the capital as your prime destination, you might want to check out something hip and trendy like Swagman Hotel Manila. This year, they changed something in their hotel that is pleasing to our appetite for food.

Swagman Hotel Manila is one of properties of The Oriental Hotel group. It is located in the center of Pasay City where it has convenient access to transportation like the MRT and other popular commercial district. This hotel is suitable for families, friends, business travellers, and other tourists that like to stay for a quick stop. They have accommodations that are captivating and eye-catching which you might find a delightful place to stay for the night or two. Upon reservation, you’ll also get free access to their sumptuous dining facility and their rejuvenating spas.

So what’s different now at this hotel? Their hotel restaurant is now updated and new where guests can enjoy a good meal any time of the day. Even outsiders are welcome to dine-in and enjoy some of their delicious buffet and other cuisines. The restaurant, including the bar has been completely renovated and it shows a good amount of flair to their interior design. Once you sit down, the accommodating staff and the well-design set up of the places create a nice ambience to your dining experience. It is certainly a nice welcome change for everyone.

Once you finished your meal, you will have enough energy to go out and about by exploring the city highlights of Manila. As a guest of this unique hotel near Luneta, you can also visit the Manila Bay Park, museums, grand malls, and other significant areas you can find. Simply ask the front desk for some suggestions. Meanwhile, have a meal or a buffet session in their newly renovated restaurant at Swagman Hotel Manila. For more information about the hotel, visit