Instagrammable Spots in South Palms Resort Panglao

A picture-perfect tropical haven in Panglao Island, South Palms Resort Bohol offers unparalleled pleasure and relaxation for a beach holiday worth telling—especially through Insta-stories! This secluded paradise is considered by seasoned travelers as the Panglao’s jewel, primarily because of its half-a-mile stretch of white-sand beach, the longest in the island.

Wander around this gorgeous place and discover hundreds of Instagrammable spots, as well as opportunities to strike a pose and ‘do it for the gram’!

1. Spectacular seascape

The resort stands out with its unique blend of seascape for your glorious beach escape. A few steps from the beach, each of South Palms’ tropical-styled rooms frames a panoramic view of the sea. Spend a day in paradise as you frolic along the majestic beach lined with breezy palm trees.

Photo by @jakobmihailo
Photo by @jepprih

2. Cozy private villas

Home to seaside sanctuaries, here’s where you can immerse in serenity. Most of Panglao villas come with a separate living area, Jacuzzi, and dining facilities. Rooms are designed in a kind of architecture that highlights the Boholano craftsmanship and heritage. Also, get to feel the warm spirit of Boholano hospitality as you snap splendid shots of your accommodation for the ‘Insta’!

Photo by Lester Sotelo
Photo by @sunny930716

3. The beauty underneath

And just beyond the sandy shores, marine sanctuaries teeming with aquatic life await the travelers. Take a plunge with your underwater camera and capture what’s underneath that commands your attention.

Photo by @mariefeandjakesnow

4. Food porn

South Palms features a farm-to-table restaurant. Fresh produce and live catch from farms are delivered straight to the resort’s kitchens to usher in fabulous meals every single day.

Photo by @carlesalonsophoto
Photo by @vincethomaspardo

5. Facilities for leisure and recreations

For travelers seeking a unique getaway, the first-class facilities and amenities of South Palms cater to a wide range of activities including sports, business, and recreation. From the posh infinity pool to soothing spa services inside nifty al fresco cabanas, this Panglao beach resort is undoubtedly a dream destination made real.

6. Chill corners

Laze in hammocks while listening to the ravishing waves. Unwind in peace.

Photo by @greeneyed_girl90
Photo by @piacayetano

7. Celebrations

South Palms can be your dream location for any of your milestones in life, be it vacation or any momentous occasion that you have to celebrate. The resort’s aesthetically pleasing venues enthrall both photography vacationers and wedding videographers.

Photo by @paopaosanchezphoto
Photo by @paularoidx

8. Tours and other services

It’s always best to be camera-ready at all times when you stay here. The resort extends services that may captivate your Instagrammer spirit. For one, South Palms offers a one-day countryside tour package.

Photo by @bachir_photo_phactory
Photo by @bachir_photo_phactory

The next time you find yourself asking where to stay in Panglao, Bohol, remember that South Palms is a hotspot of grid-worthy locations. Discover an awesome Bohol beach holiday right here at South Palms Resort Panglao.

South Palms Resort Panglao, Bohol is in Brgy. Bolod, Panglao Island, 6340, Philippines. Book direct online at