Go on a Culinary Trip Around the World with These 8 Restaurants in Makati

The country’s most progressive metropolis may be characterized by high-rise buildings, business centers, shopping malls, and best hotels in Makati, but this city is not always about business-y and corporate stuff. Apart from being one of the most popular business districts in Metro Manila, Makati also doubles as a culinary haven for foodies out there.

If you’re in to international cuisine, allow your taste buds to go on a culinary trip around the world with these 8 restaurants around Makati.

1. Lobo Filipino Tavern

Photo from Traveloka

Let’s start the journey in our very home. Lobo Filipino Tavern takes you to the very heart of Filipino culture with its traditional Pinoy architecture and design complemented by ingenious recreation of our traditional dishes. Among their bestsellers are lamb adobo, pork sisig nachos, and squid ink pasta. Just the sound of them makes you crave for it.

2. Restoran Garuda

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Branded as Indonesia’s most popular restaurant, Restoran Garuda lets your palate experience authentic flavors from our neighboring country. Its interiors feature very modern artwork that explode in color much like the quality of their cuisine that burst with flavor. Living up to its authentic claim, all ingredients are flown in from Indonesia and are halal-certified.

3. Royal Indian Curry House

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Royal Indian Curry House, or R.I.C.H as it is more popularly known to its patrons, is one of the more popular Indian restaurants around the Poblacion area. Like its acronym suggests, this restaurant serves authentic rich flavors that Indian cuisine is known for. Doubling as a perfect hangout place, this restaurant offers five floors of entertainment and dining.

4. Yalla Yalla

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The name translates to “hurry up” in Lebanese, which gives away the origin of their dishes. Famous for their Lebanese burger and beef shawarma, this restaurant is said to be the best restaurant for authentic Lebanese cuisine. Give their dishes a try and be transported to the savory and flavorful country of Lebanon.

5. Nikkei

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With branches in Legaspi Village and Rockwell, this restaurant is definitely near hotels in Makati City, Philippines, making it not difficult to get to. It may be Japanese sounding, but it offers more than just our favorite Japanese dishes. This restaurant’s menu is a successful attempt in fusing Japanese and Peruvian cuisine through its bestsellers like ceviche and tiraditos.

6. Taperia Poblacion

Photo from Esquire Magazine

Specializing in Spanish cuisine, we may assume that dishes from Taperia Poblacion won’t come as a surprise for our taste buds anymore. But take a bite of their bestselling Camarones and Chilean Mussels and be ready to be proven wrong as the explosion of peppery flavors enveloping the seafood take you to a whole new level of European cuisine.

7. Cyma

Photo from Cyma Restaurant

Taking pride in being the best Greek restaurant in the metro, it is ironic that dishes from this restaurant can’t be found in Greece. Their bestsellers are actually interpretations of progressive Greek cuisine where the chef ingeniously takes predominantly Greek ingredients and masterfully subjects them to modern culinary techniques.

8. The Smokeyard

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We can’t end the list without having a representative of American cuisine, and that puts The Smokeyard as the clincher of this list. With mouthwatering low and slow smoked meats, this restaurant is the best go to place for meat lovers out there. Get ready to devour their pork ribs, briskets, grilled sausages, and chicken. Let the flavors of the west come alive on your palates.


Get ready to experience food-coma after paying these restaurants a visit. They are all food paradises for the foodie traveler and nothing gets better than gets better than retreating to one of the best hotels in Makati after such culinary trip. Good thing these restaurants are just in the heart of the city and are easily accessible regardless where you stay.