Keep Calm and Visit This Cave In Leyte

If you’re looking for some adventure outside the city, you can visit this glorious place that’s not too far from this one unique resort in Leyte. For all our outdoor enthusiasts, there’s something special among the tropical wonders of the island that doesn’t always involve white sandy beaches or clear waters.

Though you will definitely get the dream getaway you wanted, you will realize that there’s more to see beyond the city. This is the opportunity where you’ll get to do something different and be in an activity where it will take you out of your comfort zone. For this particular part of your trip, you and some friends will take a van, following a boat ride to one of the most spectacular caves on the island. It may take a while to get there but it’s guaranteed that you’ll be rewarded with such an experience.

The Sohoton Cave is a timid but an enchanted place to visit. An ideal outdoor tourist spot where you get to discover some hidden mysteries that you might find amazing and fun. Getting there is even more fun when you discover a large gorge and other interesting plants you might find along the way. Have your cameras ready for some picturing taking on some of the extraordinary limestone caves that you can only see in Leyte. If you like a place that’s mysterious and adventurous, this kind of activity is definitely for you. If you have a tour guide with you, make sure to listen to what they have to say for they have stories that might fascinate you. Just prepare your handy necessities like water, some mosquito repellent, and of course a camera to document this ultimate experience. You’ll not only relax on your trip but a chance to learn new places that’s beyond your comfort zone.

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