Kickstart Your Day With Treats From These Cafes in Melaka

Some people just can’t start their day properly without a cup of joe to kick their system to life. And they won’t settle for just a normal cup of coffee — it has to be the perfect cup of coffee. It’s a comfort to know that there are cafes out there who have already worked out how to create a dreamy cup of that java, with cakes to boot!

For coffee enthusiasts looking for a new dose of java, there is a new place where you should try the best coffees ever made. Melaka is known for its UNESCO World Heritage status and the history that surrounds it, but if there’s one thing foodies are sure about, the city has become food paradise.

Other than experiencing modern Melaka accommodation in places like The Shore Melaka Malaysia,  you must try out these cafes we’ve listed down for your trip.

The Daily Fix

You need to have your eyes peeled when you are looking for this cafe because it’s located at the back of a souvenir shop. But it’s totally worth the effort because The Daily Fix serves some of the best cakes you probably haven’t seen before like Durian cake. It’s also every Instagrammer’s haven with all the old-time furniture and colourful designs it has.

Mods Cafe

A cafe that has a fun history, the Mods Cafe is a hole-in-the-wall cafe in Temple Street. The owners used to drive around a 1978 VW Kombi Campervan to serve coffee around Melaka. But due to certain complications, they needed to settle to one place. Now the van serves as the bar where the coffee is made. They have their own coffee roaster right at the back of the of the cafe, so you can be sure that they are making 100% fresh coffee.

Nadeje Patisserie Cafe

Nadeje has become one of the most popular places in the foodie club, mainly because of one thing: Mille Crepe. Mille, in french, means a thousand. And, well, you know what a crepe is.Put them together and what have you got? Layers and layers of crepe that come in many different flavours like Green Tea, Tiramisu, Cafe Mocha, Double Chocolate, Strawberry, and more.

Calanthe Art Cafe

Known also as 13 States’ cafe, it is the only cafe in Melaka that combines the best of coffee from all 13 of Malaysia’s states. It is an art cafe that has become extremely popular not just for the coffee that they serve, but also for the rustic and creative design and vibe the cafe seems to exude.

Backlane Coffee

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So-called because it is located at the back lane between the streets of Jonker and Heeren, Backlane Coffee is another hidden coffee sanctuary you should definitely try out. They use Columbia, Java, and Sumatra beans that make it perfect for milky coffees like cappuccinos and piccolo lattes.


If you want a to sip coffee in a chill vibe, almost homely and totally relaxing, Locahouz is definitely the place to be. It is decorated with memorabilia from the lives of the owners, and it adds a unique charm to the place. They serve both local treats and international fare plated as if it has come from a painting.

Here’s a tip: trips like this requires checking into a hotel that gives you easy access to all that Melaka has to offer. Why not check out The Shore Melaka location and see that it has an advantageous address, one that travellers find convenient.

Now that you’ve got the accommodation covered and the cafe trip finalised, all you need to do is to come on over to Melaka and have the best coffee fueled trip of your life.