Krus Daku Pilgrimage Drives Tourists to Bohol for the Holy Week

There are people who still hold on to their Holy Week practices year after year. They forego going to the beaches to spend time doing activities related to their Catholic faith. If you’re looking for something religious to do and have fun at the same time, why not kill two birds with one stone by going to participating the Krus Daku Pilgrimage in Bohol?

Krus Daku is a giant cross located on a hillside overlooking Loboc. Built in the 1980s, it’s a pilgrimage site that has attracted tourists, especially during Holy Week. The pilgrimage itself starts at dawn on Good Friday, where people climb the 3-kilometer hill, passing seven Stations of the Cross that are located on small hills close to the summit. The Krus Daku is the seventh station and the pilgrimage ends there just in time to see the sunrise overlooking the rest of Bohol.

You can drive directly to Loboc for the pilgrimage or you can join the groups of pilgrims that will walk from Baclayon to the Krus Daku. The climb starts around 3 to 4 am and reaches the summit at around 6 to 7 am.

To celebrate the conclusion of the Holy Week and rejoice in the rising of the Lord on Easter Sunday, why not join the pilgrimage and stay at Loboc River Resort during the week? After reaching the summit, enjoy a sumptuous breakfast at the resort. After resting, we recommend taking a refreshing dip at Loctob Spring, which is just a few kilometers from the property. The spring is usually visited by locals only, giving you the peace and quiet you need for some downtime this Holy Week. The resort can arrange for your trip to the spring.

Continue the relaxing retreat at nighttime and take advantage of the opportunity to see the enchanting fireflies that glow along the Loboc River. You can avail of the resort’s Firefly Adventure or you can opt for an in-house massage in your room if you would rather stay in.

The climax of your Holy Week vacation commences Easter Sunday. Loboc River Resort normally organizes activities for its guests, such as Easter Egg Hunt. The resort will post updates on its schedule of activities through their official website or Facebook page.

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