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There’s one thing that sets Seda Hotels apart from the hotels that are of its kind and it’s how they merge the 21st century modernity with the traditional warmth of Filipino hospitality. They have the e-lounge with iMacs and the paperless check-in but beyond these technological conveniences, they’re promoting quality destination, service, and value. They balance the best of both worlds bringing pride to the Filipino culture by making the hotel group at par with international standards.


Seda BGC

The Seda Hotels are strategically located in such a way that the locations are both easy to go to, and at the same time, there are lots of cool places to visit. The locations aim to strike a balance between work and play so that even if you’re conducting corporate purposes, you can still go out and have some fun with some chill stuff.  Also, the properties have their unique purposes as well! If you want something more fun and outgoing, Seda Nuvali might be the place for you. As for an urban staycation that’s near a lot of cool restaurants, malls, and nightlife venues, then maybe you’d like to have a look at Seda BGC. On the other hand, if you have agendas in Visayas and Mindanao, then you’ve got Seda Atria in Iloilo, Seda Abreeza in Davao,  and Seda Centrio in Cagayan De Oro for those specific events!


Seda Nuvali Spa Service

As mentioned above, Seda Hotels take pride in the Filipino hospitality that the culture is very much known for. From the moment you enter the hotel, you’d be greeted by the smiles of the staff. They’re very much attentive of your needs but they wouldn’t be too obtrusive as well. They’re really easy to approach, by the way, so don’t hesitate to ask for whatever it is that can give you a much more memorable stay!


Couple at Straight Up Bar in Seda BGC

Above everything else, what’s important to Seda Hotels is the overall feeling they’ed end up imparting to you after your stay. They want you to remember their hotels as a lot like those of the big international groups not only in terms of interiors, but also the kind of service and convenience you experienced. They want you to remember them so that the next time you have an agenda at Bonifacio Global City, Davao, Cagayan De Oro, Laguna, and Iloilo, you’d definitely want to go back to the Seda Hotel in these places.

Looking for the right Seda Hotel location for your agenda? Check out their websites!

Seda BGC | Seda Nuvali | Seda Atria | Seda Centrio | Seda Abreeza


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