LIST: 8 Things You Didn’t Know That Would Make You Want To Stay At Loboc River Resort Today

Bohol, Philippines — Like the Chocolate Hills, tarsiers, and those delightful peanut kisses, Loboc River Resort has emerged to be a popular figure in the province of Bohol. This riverside resort features the beauty of nature and the modern hospitality all travelers yearn.

There has been a lot said and written about it over the years, but there’s more to be discovered (and love) about Loboc River Resort than you’ll ever know. Here are a few examples:

1. It transforms to a ‘waterpark’ during high tide

During summer season, when the tide is high, the river water enters the resort grounds. This is why the rooms and facilities are built on elevated stilts. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a light play of fishes, colors, and reflections at night looking down from the boardwalk.

2. It has its very own Monkey Island

Surrounded by a water buffalo and swimming ducks, these monkeys inhabit the island and at times cross the water to look for food.

3. Secret Suite

Not known to all, LRR has a special river view suite room complete with a living room, kitchenette, and bathtub offered only their official website if you book direct; room may be subject to availability.

4. Hidden Bridge

Aside from the more popular Bilar hanging bridge (which requires an entrance fee), there’s a nearby hanging bridge that can be seen at the resort’s restaurant. And guess what? You can cross and take selfies at this bridge for free!

5. Next attraction

Loboc River Resort is currently building a unique jungle-themed pool equipped with an outdoor bar and lounge.

6. All the space you need

With a land area of over 10 hectares, Loboc River Resort has a remaining 5 hectares of land with preserved nature. This is perfect for bird watching, trekking, and jogging.

7. Movie time

This resort in Loboc occasionally schedules an outdoor movie theater by the pool at night showing family themed movies.

8. Make your dream river wedding come true

Celebrate your unique dream wedding at their riverfront function hall that can host up to 100 guests with a supplementary of 24 rooms available to stay in.

Bonus! Using a member promo code: ‘RIVERCODE100’ gives you P100 off the usual rates. Only valid if you book direct on their website using your smartphone or laptop.