Live at the Heart of History: The Shore Hotel and Residences Melaka

Melaka used to be a simple fishing village known for having a prime location for trading. For years it has enjoyed becoming one of Southeast Asia’s greatest trading ports, having done business with the Arabs, Chinese, and Indians among others. However, amid the bustling trade with different cultures, Melaka was able to preserve traditional Malay architecture and has become a reminder of its historic importance to this day.

Named a UNESCO World Heritage, Melaka city is one of Malaysia’s most alluring tourist destinations. If you’re planning to come to Melaka, you need to be in a place that is located primarily within the historic centre. You’ll need access to what Melaka has to offer, and where better than The Shore Hotel and Residences Melaka.

An Ideal Location

Baba Nyonya Museum

Like most historical cities, Melaka was able to create a harmonious blend between their preserved traditions with contemporary luxuries. The best way to experience it all is to walk your way through the city.

Within The Shore Hotel Melaka’s reach are some of the must-visit destinations of the city, just a few minutes from the hotel. Visit the famous Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum where you can get a glimpse of a typical 19th-century residence where different social situations require different rooms, or when women had to look at guests through partitions.

Excellent Holiday Haven


The Shore Hotel Melaka provides guests with a unique hotel experience through their awesome facilities deck. Located at the 9th floor of The Shore Tower 1, the facilities deck has an extensive tropical landscaping that creates an environment that invites fun and excitement. You can also look forward to a Jacuzzi pool, gymnasium, sauna, and Omni court.

At the 42nd floor are different food and beverage outlets where you can get a taste of both local and international cuisine. The 43rd floor serves as a Sky Deck where you can get a breathtaking view of the historical city of Melaka.

Elegance in Comfort


What is a Melakan trip without getting the best accommodation the city can provide. The Shore Hotel Melaka offers a luxurious stay experience with their spacious rooms and excellent amenities. They are designed to give you utmost comfort and convenience so that you would have a hassle-free stay.

Each room is equipped with Wi-Fi Internet access, satellite television, mini-bar, a scenic cityscape view, and more. For sure, you wouldn’t want to leave this travel haven.

The perfect place to stay in a city as beautiful as Melaka should allow travelers, whether business or leisure, to experience the city in the most amazing and unique way. The Shore Hotel Melaka is right at the heart of the city and offers travelers a relaxing abode as they explore the city to their heart’s content. You wouldn’t just see remnants of history, but you will get to breathe it in.