Malay Sweets Perfect For High Tea

One of the foreign traditions that has stuck with the Malays is the afternoon teatime or the High Tea. It involves tea, obviously, and a couple of sweet treats to go with it. The British High Tea usually includes scones, cakes, and cookies enjoyed with a hot kettle of black tea. But Malays have slowly introduced their own twist to the High Tea traditions. With their own sweets and treats to make teatime fun and enjoyable, the Malays have definitely created their own tea tradition.

Here we list down some of the authentic Malaysian sweets that you can devour during afternoon tea.

Kuih ketayap

Kuih Ketayap_Melaka

This teatime treat is known also as dadar gulung. Dadar means “pancake” and gulung means “roll”. The crepe is made of a batter mix that is infused with pandan for both the taste and the green colouring. You can cook it in much the same way as a pancake, with oil or butter. Then the filling is grated coconut flesh cooked with sugar, salt, cinnamon, and water. The pandan crepe will then be rolled like a tube and then filled with the coconut. The fatter the kuih ketayap is the better.



When picturing what Bahulu is, think about sponge cake. It’s got the airy and soft structure of your usual sponge cake but with a crusty, sweet top. It goes great with both coffee and tea, so it isn’t just for the afternoon High Tea, you can also have them for breakfast. The dough is made of eggs, flour, and sugar; and it is usually baked in many forms like a dome or a goldfish.

Ondeh ondeh

Ondeh Ondeh_Melaka

It goes by another name in Indonesia, which is a klepon. But it is more fondly called coconut poppers by everyone who’s had it. It is made of glutinous rice infused with pandan for aroma and colour. At the very core of these coconut poppers is a gooey brown palm sugar. The ondeh ondeh is rolled over grated coconut flesh to give it that crunch.

Kuih lapis

Kuih lapis

The kuih lapis is nine layers of cake heaven. It is a steamed cake made from tapioca flour, rice flour, coconut milk, coarse sugar, and pandan leaves. What makes it special is the way you can eat it: you can eat all the nine layers at once, or choose to enjoy each layer by eating them one by one.

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All these sweet treats will definitely make you crave for more. So get ready for a unique High Tea afternoon in Kuala Lumpur and get that sweet tooth all the treats it deserves.

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