Manyane Resort in Pilanesberg Introduces Laps Health & Beauty Spa

Manyane Resort in Pilanesberg, South Africa invites you to step outside of your comfort zone and step out into a great world of adventure. This haven of an accommodation embraces you in a world of essential comforts that serves to highlight the raw beauty of your great escape. These include a signature spa that is always available anytime you decide to get some well-deserved pampering.

Laps Health & Beauty Spa was established in 2009 in Manyane and Bakgatla Resorts; which are found along the foothills of the majestic Pilanesburg Mountains. Using African practices blended with Western massage techniques, the spa is the ideal oasis for a holistic healing and rejuvenating experience to the body and soul.

Laps Health % Beauty Spa offers an endless supply of packages where guests can choose their preferred massage treatment or beauty service. Our body-care treatment range from healing properties of wild-grown marula and aromatherapy oils, organic nourishing creams, and superior quality natural products that soothe, enrich, and pamper.

We combine the natural tranquility of nature with the comfort of luxury and offer the best treatments that caters to the guest’s every whim and brings their bodies and spirits back into harmony. Choice include hands-on treatments from a number of cultural traditions that have survived the test of time. Our expansive array of traditional approaches allows each therapist to address the every guest’s needs. Communication with the therapist about pressure, temperature and specific concerns as they arise will allow them to customize the guest’s preferred treatment.

Here are the treatments and services offered by our Laps Health & Beauty Spa:




To suit the tastes and budgets of different travellers, a wide range of accommodations is available at Manyane Resort. Here, you can choose between a homey cottage or a stay that’s closer to nature, as the resort offers fully furnished chalets and safari tents with electricity. For those who are more adventurous, Caravan Sites and Campsites with electricity are also available. Regardless of your choice, all accommodations offer access to centrally-located ablution facilities.


The resort’s biggest attraction is its easy access to Pilanesberg National Park, one of the best places to go on a safari in South Africa. Various species of flora and fauna reside here, from lions and leopards to the interesting Kiwano fruit. But it doesn’t stop there. A number of facilities and services here—such as pool and playgrounds—prove that there’s so much more to Manyane Resort than just seeing the Big 5.


Pilanesberg National Park is right next to the resort, which means easy access to the exotic sights and sounds that the park has to offer. No need to travel far from the comforts of your Chalet, Tent, or Caravan to experience the exciting adventures of the safari.

If you want to explore sights beyond the national park, you can easily head to the nearest tourist hotpots in the area. Go for an exciting night out at Sun City or a day trip to Rustenberg’s historic churches and museum.

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