Memorable Sights When You Stay At Seda Hotels

We all love a good staycation anywhere. Whether it’s within the city or outside, all families and friends can have a good time any time of the year. For a premier experience, why not reward yourself with a heavenly stay in one of these Seda hotels.

Besides the delicious buffets, exclusive facilities, and comfortable accommodations, you can also create unforgettable memories that are only a few steps away from the hotel. Upon confirmed reservations on any of these hotels, here are the things you must do.

Seda BGC Hotel – Shopping Galore

In the center of the exciting Taguig City life, you can enjoy exclusive dine-in and shopping sprees during your staycation. With families and friends, this is a good excuse to spend quality time.
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Seda Nuvali Hotel – Water Splash

Whether you’re a beginner or not, wakeboarding is something to add to your bucket list. Worth the 1-hour drive from the city, take a break with loved ones in this Laguna outdoor park right after you check-in.
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Seda Centrio Hotel – Historical Landmarks

Though you may have to take a plane ride there, Cagayan de Oro is one of the beautiful cities of Philippines. Explore some of their famous and historical parks nearby, this is the best time to clear your head and get some fresh air.
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Seda Abreeza Hotel – Grand Festivals

During your stay in this city, the people love to have a good time and celebrate parts of their heritage. Explore the colors and festivity of Davao City by joining their parades and other grand events.
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Seda Atria Hotel – Heritage Homes

Have a little journey to the past when you visit one of the most romantic cities in the Philippines. Have a tour and get to know some of the well-known heritage homes in Iloilo City.
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Seda Vertis North Hotel – Food Trips

Food is life when you go around Quezon City. With all the variety of dining restaurants and trendy shops near this hotel check-in, you can enjoy the city life with entertainment within your reach.
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Seda Capitol Central – Calm City

If you love sweets and really good chicken, visit Bacolod City and be where everything is happening. When you stay at this Seda hotel, you’ll have a simple and laid back vacation that is nearest to you.
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If you want to stay in one of the finest accommodation in the Philippines, these hotels will bring treasured memories right at your doorstep. Book a stay in one of the selected locations and you’ll get more than their hotel perks.