Mobile Photography Tips That Will Help You Shoot Like A Pro

Whoever told you photographers don’t use their phones to take shots obviously haven’t met one. These people probably lug around heavy DLSRs  hoping to get credibility cookies from people who don’t actually care.

Mobile Photography

To tell you the truth, with so much improvements on smartphones lately, they have become good alternatives to DSLRs. Especially if you’re traveling to Kuala Lumpur or Australia and will be walking around for most of the tour, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable because something heavy is hanging around your neck.

However, if you want to prove these people wrong about smartphone photography, we’ve got you covered. Here are helpful tips to every mobile photographer should know.

Play with light

Shadows _ Photography

Playing with light allows you to create a vibe with photos. For instance, long shadows give off a dramatic vibe. So you need to check the shadows the sun makes on your subject. You can observe how light gets in a room or how it bounces off of reflective buildings.

You can also achieve vibrant images by making sure the subject is completely surrounded with light; no shadows.

Experiment with angles

Petronas Towers

How you shoot a subject shows people how you perceive them. If you want to show people how tall you think the Petronas Towers is, you wouldn’t take a photo of the just the building, right? You’d want to angle the photo in a way that captures the huge Towers and a small person walking below it or its surrounding buildings.

Use reflections


Along with maximising light, find subjects near reflective surfaces like mirrors or puddles. It shows a comparison between the subject and the environment that’s being reflected on the surface. And just like the effect light has, it can create a strikingly dramatic vibe.

Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds_Photography

The Rule of Thirds is simple: to create a natural balance on your photos, use the grid feature. Make sure that the subject touches the intersection points within the grid and is not centred. According to the rule, a photo looks more symmetrical if the subject is a little off to one side.  

Clean the lens

Clear Photos_Photography

A lot of people forget that their phone lens needs constant cleaning. Sometimes, it’s the only thing standing between clear images and blurred ones.

Avoid using  zoom

Don't Use Zoom _ Photography

As much as possible approach the subject if you want a close-up, instead of using the zoom feature on your phone. No matter how many megapixels it is, zooming in reduces its quality. However, if you have an attachable lens that can help you get a few inches in without walking closer, then that’s fine.

With these tips, you’ll never want to stop taking photos from your Kuala Lumpur accommodation to all its key destinations.