New Rooms at Tugawe Cove Resort

A dream of staying in a place with a Mediterranean vibe is wonderful, but waking up to one is even better. Tugawe Cove Resort has now leveled up with some brand new rooms to reserve for an overnight stay or more. What could be more heavenly than that?

With new room accommodations adding up to their island paradise collection, the idea of a tropical paradise that is only a few footsteps from your door excites you to a new island adventure. When the day is over, you can always retreat to the room’s earthy styles and vibrant tropical colors that will leave you lingering for more.

If you’re not looking for a room by the Hilltop and Hillside, the resort offers a place within the resort with a breathtaking view that you can add to your scenery checklist. Introducing the Lakeside Cabana King and Double, the rooms are fully equipped with fine room amenities that you and your loved ones can enjoy during your stay.

Lakeside Cabana Double

Lakeside Cabana King

To view the other room accommodation of your choice, book through their website at for instant confirmation and guaranteed room rates suitable to your travel budget.