Find Out How A Panglao Resort Holds The Four Elements of Nature

When it comes to travel and tourism, the Philippines definitely has a lot to offer. You can explore the crystal waters of Panglao resorts or enjoy the earthly grandeurs of Sagada. You may even be watching hot air balloons up in Pampanga skies, or witnessing awesome fire dancers in Puerto Galera.

But regardless of your choice of attraction, there is no denying that all of this beauty is the product of the combination of the four elements of nature. While many people go to different destinations to experience the best of nature, not many know that the best of nature’s elements can be found all in one place in Panglao.

Here are some reasons on how The Bellevue Resort makes the four elements of nature come together for a grand travel experience.


Part of the reasons why we travel is to escape the cluttered and polluted spaces in the metro, and this resort surely holds a lot of room for you to breath. Their spacious accommodations definitely serve as a healthy break from the daily life we live in the metropolis.

It also doesn’t hurt that you are welcomed by the cool ocean breeze the moment you step out of the hotel. It’s that rejuvenating whiff of provincial air that greet you in the morning, indulging you in nature’s pure bliss.


Set amid the pristine waters of north Bohol, The Bellevue Resort lets you escape to your own private sanctuary. Apart from the fine white sand of its serene shores, it also offers you a variety of activities that let you interact with the world’s most fluid element and the creatures it gives life to.

Feel the rush of watersports adventure or get to know more of the country’s 7,107 islands with their island hopping tours and other sea attractions like dolphin watching, scuba diving, snorkeling and a lot more.


Utilizing the power of fire, the resort’s management has ingeniously created appetizing dishes that explode in flavor. Revitalize your palates with a gastronomic experience carefully crafted to bring you the authentic tastes of Bohol.

Savor on culinary creations at their dining options. Feast on seafood at the La Marea where seafood is prepared with catches fresh from the market, or satiate your craving for international cuisines at the Lamian with options like gourmet sandwiches and pizzas.


The Bellevue Resort realizes the importance of taking care of our one and only home, Mother Earth. As an ASEAN Green Hotel awardee, this resort makes sure that it operates under eco-friendly and energy conserving principles through initiatives like the Bellevue Greenhouse.

With the help of technology, they are able to produce organically grown crops and various herbs. Most of which they use in the restaurants, but some are also sold to other hotels and restaurants within the island, allowing them to raise funds for their Mission Center as well as create jobs for the locals in the area.

So the next time you’re looking for that ultimate nature escapade, look no further. Simply stay at this Panglao resort, and you are surely in for an exciting face to face experience with nature’s elements.