5 Reasons Why Pearl Farm Beach Resort Remains a Top Destination in Davao

Nestled in the secluded garden island of Samal, about half an hour off the coast of mainland Davao, Pearl Farm Beach Resort rings familiar to tourist and travelers no matter where you are in the country.

Photo by Instagram user @wanderbeej

The name of the resort derives from what it once was – a pearl farm. Once upon a time, thousands of oysters that are harvested from the Sulu Sea makes its way to the 11-hectare property to be cultivated for their pink, white and gold pearls.

Today, the resort invites visitors to a private island retreat, under the supervision of its friendly and service-oriented staff, making for a truly excellent resort experience. So, what makes Pearl Farm Beach Resort consistently stand out as one of Davao’s prime beach and holiday destinations? Let me count the ways:

photo by @czarinareyes
  1. World-Class Service. From the moment you enter its premises up to the time of your farewell, the resort staff’s warm and courteous service really shines. Celebrating a milestone? A birthday, an anniversary, a special occasion that needs to be remembered? You can count on Pearl Farm Beach Resort’s accommodating expertise and charming Filipino hospitality to make your special day, truly special. For whatever you need during the time of your stay, you can count on anyone of the Pearl Farm team to ensure that all essentials are met to give you a relaxing and enjoyable vacation.

    photo by Instagram user @missingridipity
    photo by Instagram user @missingridipity
  2. A Cultural Experience. The beautiful Mindanaoan culture will be felt once you get off the boat. From the sounds of the gong ringing, the distinct music playing, up to the moment you are taken to your accommodations- you will immediately be transported to a uniquely rewarding holiday experience. Marvel at the showcase of the heritage, culture, and customs of the tribes of Mindanao as it is promoted in all the resort’s theme, décor, and architecture.
  3. Exquisite Natural Beauty From the calm, inviting waters to the crystal-clear waves that lap gently on the shores, Pearl Farm Beach Resort offers you that peace and tranquility that comes with an ideal tropical island vibe. Wake up to a breath-taking view every morning and fall in love with the view of the sea from the balcony of your own room. Immerse yourself in the midst of lush nature and the most serene and stunning vistas you can witness at any time of day.
  4. Top-notch Resort Facilities Aside from the beautiful and relaxing ambiance that permeates the island resort, you can count on clean and superb facilities that are well-designed to ensure an utmost relaxing atmosphere. The food experience is also one for the books and is one of the highlights in Pearl Farm. From its banquet spreads to the Ala carte menus, you can rely on the quality and care the resort has prepared to ensure a sumptuous and satisfying end to every meal.
  5. Ultimate Tropical Paradise. Staying at Pearl Farm Beach Resort promises an amazing holiday experience. From the elegant designs of the rooms and facilities, stunning vistas, superb customer service, attentive and friendly staff, and the astonishing gastronomic delights, it truly boils down to delivering a truly world-class experience that every Filipino should be proud of.

If it’s relaxation that you’re after, then Pearl Farm Beach Resort is simply a fantastic place to go. If you’d like to know more, go ahead and visit: bit.ly/Pearl_Farm