Pink Corals, 60-Year Old Clams, and 5 More Underwater Wonders You’ll See in Boquete Island

A short vacation in a resort in Boquete Island lets you explore spectacular dive sites in Puerto Galera, Philippines. Teeming with beautiful coral gardens and scores of exotic species, this tourist spot is a must-visit for scuba diving enthusiasts.

Here are some of the underwater wonders that you will see in and around the island:

1. Pink Corals

Breathtaking pink corals carpeting the bottom of the ocean floor define the beauty of The Hill. This dive site, which is 40 to 53 feet deep, will make macro photographers swoon. You’ll see angler fish, colorful nudibranchs, majestic wonderpuss, and all sorts of critters.

2. 60-Year Old Clams

Giant Clams is an excellent site for beginners. Some of the clams here are over 60 years old. Despite the shallow depth, there are lots to see including patches of marvelous corals that grow from the ocean floor. Keep a sharp eye out for reef octopuses that change color in the blink of an eye.

3. Orangutan Crab

Verde Island and its surrounding waters is known as a “center of marine biodiversity”. There are more species of fish here than anywhere else in the world. Just an hour boat trip from Puerto Galera, you’ll have amazing visibility and a rich abundance of marine life, which includes orangutan crabs, ornate ghost pipefish, and electric fileclam.

4. Boat Wrecks

Three small boats have been purposely sunk in Sabang Wrecks to create artificial reefs. Big schools of batfish and surgeonfish can be seen here. Camouflaged on the wrecks are scorpion fish. Stonefish and lionfish are also a common sight. With a maximum depth of 70 feet, divers can cover all three wrecks in one dive.

5. Moray Eels

Diving in Puerto Galera won’t be complete without experiencing West Escarceo. This area is perfect for mild to strong drift dives. If you catch the current at the right time, it can take you along this sloping reef effortlessly. Massive schools of red tooth triggerfish meet you at 15-meter depth and in very shallow water, countless numbers of chromies swim around making you a part of the school. Moray eels can be seen all over this reef. Blue spotted rays can be seen on the sandy bottom.

6. A Hole in the Wall

Swim down through a hole in the wall that the water has carved out after millions of years of erosion. This truly surreal experience is made even better by the strong currents that have attracted varieties of big fish.

7. Pygmy Sea Horse

Dungon Wall, which is 27 to 90 feet deep, starts off with sloping bottom that leads up into a wall. Here, you will see many lionfish, eels, scorpion fish, nudibranchs and other reef species. If you’re lucky, you’ll also spot a pygmy sea horse.

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