Places You Must Visit In The Tourist Spot Of Bacolod City

For somewhere that is laid back and carefree, this sugar capital is  where you should go next. This place is worth visiting if you’re not a huge fan of large crowds and busy streets, Unless you want to experience the exciting festival of Maskara, the best time to go would be around October. Known for their colorful fiestas and sweet treats, you will definitely do some site seeing that is not too far from your hotel check-in.

In the capital province of Negros Occidental, there are landmarks that will take you back in time. You will see most of them in the heart of Bacolod City. Tourist spots near hotels are actually nearby because it’s either walking distance or one taxi ride away. For something modern and premier, you can reserve a room in Seda Capitol Central where it is located in the tourist spot of Bacolod City. Here are the list of places you must see during your stay in this calm and peaceful town.

Sanders Coffee Shop – For something savory or sweet, this cafe will satisfy your cravings during the day. Here you can enjoy some hearty meals with your loved ones.

Capitol Park and Lagoon – Whether it’s during the day or at night, this clean and spacious park is open to the public. Clear your head by taking a walk or enjoy a simple picnic with friends and family in this place where you can stop by anytime. .

Heritage Homes along Burgos Avenue – Have a journey to the past and see some old houses that have been around for generations.It may be a long walk but it’s worth the trip, so feel free to take pictures from outside for memories and sightseeing experiences.

Manokan Country – If you want to taste some of the most delicious Bacolod chicken, visit this area where there’s a whole lot of choices of restaurants where you can dine-in. It may not be fancy but you will definitely enjoy their dishes there.

To experiences these places with loved ones, find an accommodation in Bacolod City that are near to these memorable landmarks. If you wish to stay in a hotel like Seda Capitol Central, make reservations by booking directly at