San Felipe: A Serene Haven of Colorful Houses and Flamingos in Yucatan

If you badly needed some quiet time and you’re aiming for a retreat in Yucatan, staying in the sleepy town of San Felipe is something you should consider. Sleepy doesn’t mean boring – it’s just perfect for people who are looking for a peaceful vacation away from the crowds and closer to nature.


Staying in San Felipe means feasting on fresh seafood delicacies, gazing at wonderful sunsets, and strolling on quiet beaches. The picturesque fishing village is also the doorway to the Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, one of the natural wonders in the state of Yucatan.

When you stroll through the streets of San Felipe, you will immediately notice the colorful Maya-style houses that has become one of the town’s attractions. These houses are built from wood; some are made of cedar and mahogany, but houses of this kind are now rare.


San Felipe has a tropical climate, so using hard wood like zapote, chacte, or ki’che is a must in order for the houses to ward off termites and withstand the test of time.  Because of the weather, the houses are covered not in ordinary paint; the people use a different kind of varnish in every color of the rainbow.

Claim your zen moment by taking a boat ride on the town’s quiet waters. You can arrange a trip with one of the fishermen. Take snacks and beverages with you to make the excursion more enjoyable.

While staying in San Felipe, make sure to visit Cerritos Island, the antique trading post of the Itzaes. It’s located only five kilometers west of San Felipe. From the island, you can move on to Chichen Itza, where you can find 50,000 archeological items.


A refreshing swim in a cenote should also be in your itinerary; head to Kambulnah cenote, a spring-style natural pool that was reported to be unknown until 2002.


A trip to San Felipe wouldn’t be complete without seeing the town’s beautiful flamingos, as well as the other species of birds – there are around 350! You can also see turtles, ducks, foxes, and a lot more.


Staying in a charming bed and breakfast is a fantastic idea while in San Felipe. San Felipe B&B is perfect for families, couples, and group travelers seeking a different experience from the typical beach vacation. Furnishings are neat and clean, almost Spartan-like.

Rooms are equipped with wooden beds with fresh linen, strong air-conditioning, and private shower rooms.


Villa Penthouse
Standard Twin
Standard King
Junior Suite

San Felipe B&B has facilities that make guests feel right at home. Meals are always taken care of courtesy of a full kitchen, which has a refrigerator, stove, microwave, and coffee maker. Generous Wi-Fi coverage is available as well as a satellite TV that guests can use at their leisure.

Make your San Felipe vacation as comfortable and enjoyable as possible without spending a lot for accommodation. Visit San Felipe B&B’s website for direct reservations. You can also check out their Facebook page for inquiries.