Save 10% on Rooms When You Book Through Mobile at Manyane Resort or Bakgatla Resort!

Aside from the obvious convenience, there are other perks of booking rooms via your mobile device. Manyane Resort and Bakgatla Resort, two of the most popular safari resorts in South Africa, gives 10% discount on their room rates if you reserve using your mobile device.

Aside from the discount, you may also get game drives for adults and children along with your accommodation package. Minimum 2 nights is required to avail this promo. Bakgatla Resort offers this package until 30 March 2018 while Manyane Resort offers this until 30 December 2017.

Promo details may change without prior notice. Make sure to check the hotel websites before booking to verify.

Manyane Resort and Bakgatla Resort have malaria-free grounds for guests looking for the ultimate safari experience. These resorts provide more than just the security of a malaria-free zone; they also offer excellent accommodations essential for a truly enjoyable vacation.


Manyane Resort


Bakgatla Resort

Located near the gates of Pilanesberg National Park, Manyane Resort has a wide variety of furnished and unfurnished lodging options. Those who prefer air-conditioned dwellings can stay at one of the resort’s Chalets, while those who want to stay outdoors but still keep the usual comforts can stay at the Safari Tents. Guests who have their own tents and trailers can book their Caravan Sites or Campsites.

Manyane Resort also has a pool, playgrounds, restaurant, and centrally-situated ablution facilities.

From the resort, you can easily get to Sun City, a luxury development with casino, golf courses, bars and restaurants. Rustenberg is also nearby, where you can go to historic churches and a museum.

Another option is Bakgatla Resort, which is nestled at the foot of Garamoga Hill. Situated on the rich grounds of the national park, the resort takes you as close to the wild as you can get and enjoy activities such as bird-watching, swimming, and trekking while admiring nature’s spectacular beauty.

The resort offers Chalet Sleepers, Safari Tents, Campsites, and Caravans.

Guests have access to ablution facilities, as well as their swimming pool, restaurant, playground, conference spaces, and barbecue area.

Both properties offer fast and safe reservations courtesy of their official websites. You can visit the Manyane Resort website and Bakgatla resort website for mobile bookings.