Sea Wind Boracay Offers Personalized Service in Its Rustic Accommodations

Tucked in a lush landscape with a long stretch of beach all to itself, Sea Wind Boracay in Station 1 bathes you in a peaceful oasis where nature meets comfort. The resort welcomes travelers with personalized service and modern comforts.

Sea Wind Boracay

Personalized and wholehearted service

Guests who have experienced Sea Wind would most likely say that it’s the personalized service that sets the resort apart from others. The hotel treats its customers more as friends rather than as clients. With this kind of relationship, the hospitable and friendly staff goes out of their way to satisfy guests’ needs.

Sea Wind Boracay

Noted for its natural lure and homey ambience, Sea Wind offers rustic accommodations marked by a guest-centered kind of service. Here, everyone knows you by name.

Nostalgic charm and contemporary luxury

Sea Wind accommodations reflect genuine Filipino hospitality and culture. The resort’s modern interiors are fashioned after the traditional nipa hut, while its architecture blends seamlessly with the idyllic tropics.

One of the first hotels in Boracay, this rustic, laid-back resort evokes a nostalgic charm that never goes out of style. Its rooms and villas travel you back in time to experience Boracay that it once was.

Momentous occasions

Set in one of the widest beachfronts on the island, Sea Wind enjoys a spacious area and an unobstructed view of the sea. It can accommodate as many as 500 guests with ease, which makes it an excellent venue for beach resort weddings and other momentous occasions.

Sea Wind Boracay

This resort in Boracay has its own team of catering experts who handle the menu in its restaurant, al fresco grill, and bar. Sea Wind also features water sports facilities and island activities for your ultimate island getaway.

Exclusivity and access

Just along the northern end of the famous White Beach, Sea Wind offers a mix of exclusivity and easy access to the island’s most popular spots. Puka Beach, Mouth Luho, and Boracay Butterfly Gardens are some of the nearby attractions.

Sea Wind Boracay

Think of Sea Wind the next time you ask yourself where to stay in Boracay.

Sea Wind Boracay is located at Station 1, Roberto & Gloria Tirol Park, Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, 5608, Philippines. Book direct online at