Send Kids to School, Help Ivatan Communities By Staying At This Hotel in Batanes

Batanes, Philippines – Imagine spending a holiday with your favorite people in a postcard-like hotel located in one of most majestic islands in the country. Sounds good, right? What if you could also help an indigenous tribe’s livelihood plus send their kids to school at the same time? Would that be something you would be interested in? If so, Fundacion Pacita Nature Lodge Batanes should be your next destination!

A portion of the amount you will use to book and stay at Fundacion Pacita will go to various advocacy projects benefiting Ivatan communities, students and schools, and even the local art community:

Art Projects and Activities of Ivatan Artists

Funds the activities of Ivatan artists and other art events initiated by schools and groups in Batanes.

Eco-Tourism Programs

Aims to promote and preserve Ivatan practices and traditions by funding renovated Ivatan vernacular houses and converting them into museums, reading centers, and bed and breakfast inns.

Educational Assistance/Scholarship Grants for Deserving Ivatan Students

This program aims to support the education of Ivatan students by providing educational materials to schools in Batanes.

Employment and Livelihood Programs

Fundacion Pacita also empowers the community by providing livelihood opportunities.


Once you set foot in this magical place, you will definitely bring home stories to tell through their wondrous landscapes that surrounds their simple bed and breakfast setting. When it comes to finding rooms in Batanes, this is a place you might want to look into.

Owned by a famous international artist, Fundacion Pacita Batanes Nature Lodge offers authentic rooms, a cozy cafe, and other outdoor activities you can do with loved ones. Here’s what you might want to take note of upon check-in.

The rustic and organic interiors of the rooms have a breathtaking and grand view of the West Philippine Sea right outside your window. What a wonderful feeling to wake up to view like that and it’s almost like you have a realistic picture to go with your accommodation. Blend into the designs and artworks made by the Ivatan artists and you’ll enter an art world where you will truly be inspired.

Staying in comfortable and cozy rooms comes with a dining facility that is fresh and appetizing. Only at Cafe du Tukon, you will be served with rich table goodness than you can imagine. Organic and unique, you will enjoy these cultural heritage meals that will start your day right.

Located on top of a lush hill and a spectacular room view, there are more outstanding sights and natural landmarks that are only a few steps away from your rooms. Discover some of the local projects that inspire young Filipino artists to get into the world of art through their traditional culture application. You can even get to know the Ivatan culture in their nearby villages.

If you’re not convinced yet, then you would have to take this trip. The journey going there may be long but the experiences in Batanes and the accommodation will be completely worth it.

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