Something New And Cool At BSA Twin Towers Hotel

Wouldn’t it be awesome to ride the waves in a swimming pool? Here’s your chance to experience the very first in the Philippines, the newest Indoor Wave Pool in BSA Twin Towers Hotel. With their classy and trendy accommodation, you can enjoy a fun and memorable staycation with loved ones without having to step outside the hotel.

For those who haven’t experienced a stay in BSA Twin Towers Hotel, you definitely need to plan a staycation there. Not only does it have all the facilities and amenities that remind you of home, it’s only a few steps away from all the popular shopping malls, trendy restaurants, and other eventful places in Ortigas. Upon check-in, you will get your usual buffet breakfast, Wi-Fi services, complimentary room amenities, free facility access, and your very own kitchenette where you can prepare your own meals. You know what else is fun and exciting here?

An indoor swimming pool! Introducing the first and only in the Philippines, this hotel has got a new feature that will get you more splashes and group selfies. No matter what the weather looks like, this hotel has got you covered when it comes to activities during a staycation. Located on one of the top floors of the hotel, this is a great chance to enjoy swimming anytime of the day. Compared to some of the other pool facilities in city hotels, you can do more than just swimming laps. Adding on to the cool waves, you will also have a grand view of the city right in front of you. So if you already booked a stay over the holidays, you have something to look forward to. All you have to do is keep on swimming.

To experience something as fun as this, plan an overnight stay or two at BSA Twin Towers Hotel for any day. You can even take advantage of some of the holiday promos available on their website so you can save more and enjoy. For room reservations and more information on this fantastic new swimming pool of theirs, book directly at