Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Stay at Tugawe Cove Resort

Since it was featured as one of Survivor’s castaway islands, Caramoan beach resorts have sprouted like mushrooms in this part of Camarines Norte. One of the rather famous destination is Tugawe Cove Resort where many people crave to stay.

But is it really worth it? Check out these photos and see for yourself why you shouldn’t stay at Tugawe.

There’s just too much green in this resort. Who needs that much scenery? And don’t even get us started with the cove. Like, okay, there’s an almost private cove by the resort, now what?

And just look at the water on the beach. It’s too blue, isn’t it? If you wanted this much blue, just stare at the sky. It’s pretty much the same.

They also expect you to hop on a boat to get to the place. Seriously, who would want to ride a boat going through the bluest of waters just to reach a nice island? No one. Worse, they even offer Caramoan tours so you could see other islands. As if one island isn’t already too much.

Look at this. They offer paddleboards and a ton of water adventures for you to check out. You’ve got to be kidding me. Who would want to try this activity? It takes too much of your physical strength. Apart from that, they also have this:

Kayaking? Really? Sure, just keep on giving us numerous options for water activities until we can’t decide which to pick. Why can’t there just be one?

The nearby beach has this gigantic rock formation and that’s just about it. It’s not like you can take nice photos of it, right? Besides, if we wanted big rocks, there’s enough of that in the city.

The sand in the beach where this Caramoan island resort is located is also too powdery. And by powdery, we mean super fine sand. Which honestly doesn’t add any merit to the resort. We all know we’d prefer the powdery dust of the metro.

They also think they were so clever by having this massage by the beach thing. What? Do they expect us to fall asleep with the sound of the waves at the background? Heck no.

They even feature this dining area that claims to have a nice view of the sunset. Yes, because everyone wants to be blinded by the setting sun while their having their food.