Staycation Etiquette For Dog Owners

If you plan on going on a staycation after being cooped up at home but don’t want to leave your four-legged best friend, don’t worry. You can find several pet-friendly hotels in the city. Be sure to follow these tips for being a responsible pet-owner staycationer:

1. Always Notify the Hotel Ahead of Time


Even if you are staying at a dog-friendly hotel, you can’t just pop up with your pet in tow and check-in. It’s highly necessary to call ahead of time and notify the hotel that you have a dog with you.

This way, you can be given the requirements and rules needed for your dog (such as updated vaccinations) and be informed of additional charges (like cleaning fee).

There are also some hotels that require a heads up for guests staying with pets because they alter the room you’ll be staying in. They might hide fragile furniture pieces or remove carpets.

2. Follow Hotel Rules

upper story pet policy

Rules and guidelines vary depending on the hotel. It could be as simple as pets are not allowed to walk in the lobby or stay in the pool area. No matter what it may be, pet owners should follow these.

3. Bring Your Own Pet Towel or Covers

Unless the hotel is providing pet-specific amenities, you should bring your own. Don’t even think about using the hotel’s bathroom towels for bathing your dog. If your pet goes on a walk, be sure to clean up their paws before entering the room and lay your own covers or sheets on wherever your pet will be settling.

4. Always Hang Up the “Do Not Disturb” Sign

This is a simple solution to keep your dog from exiting the room without you if you don’t want to bring their crate. If you do need housekeeping to enter your room, be sure to have your dog on a leash or carry them. 

5. Keep Your Dog From Barking 

You don’t want to disturb other guests enjoying their staycations. It’s normal for dogs to feel a bit disoriented when staying at a new place, everything looks and smells unfamiliar to them. Bring their favorite toy or have some treats in hand. 

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