The Best Ways to Maximise Your Travel

Traveling is the best way to learn about the world, it’s when all that you’ve read in the books are given life. There are many ways to experience a place when you’re on vacation and it’s so easy to be on tourist mode once you set foot on foreign soil. But everyone can agree that experiencing the culture for yourself makes the trip even more fun and meaningful.


There’s something thrilling about immersing yourself in the culture while traveling than just being a tourist. Opening up and engaging with something that is foreign is truly an elevated form of travel. It’s about leaving your own world as soon as you hop on that plane. Here we’ve listed down ways in which you can fully immerse yourself in a new culture.

Start with food and music


Something we all share with everyone in the world is our love for food and music. Regardless of the kind of dishes we’re into or the music genre we’re fond of, this will always be the easiest to connect with. You can acquaint yourself with the local dishes and popular music even before you leave home. A simple Google search will tell you all that you need about food and music. And that experience at home will get definitely get an upgrade once you taste and hear the real deal.

Participate in festivals and events


All countries have unique feasts that they celebrate, and it would spice up your vacation if you participate in one of them. You can choose a date where there’s a music festival happening, sports, food, and so on. Some of the countries have fiestas celebrating indigenous tribes, and that can add a touch of learning while you’re having fun with them.

Make sure to choose good accommodation

The Royale Bintang Resort and Spa Seremban

If this is your first travel immersion, you would do well to choose a hotel that has the comforts of home that still gives a vibe of how locals live their life. Because you will hear people telling you to just rent an apartment or airBNB, and while these are good choices, I wouldn’t recommended it for a first time traveller. In Seremban, there is a hotel accommodation that gives you the best mix of comfort and traditional. The Royale Bintang Resort & Spa Seremban offers amenities and services that will make you experience Malaysia like you’ve never had before. Theirs just goes beyond service, everything they do is rooted in culture, and that is exactly what you should get.

Consider travelling alone or just in a small group

Solo Travel

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in the adage, “the more, the merrier”. But there’s so many things to worry about when you’re in a big group. For instance, you all have different interests that need to be satiated when you go abroad. Whereas when you’re alone or with just a companion, you can experience everything without worrying about the other getting bored.

So the next time you want to tick off a place on your list, keep these things in mind. Pretty sure once you come back from your trip, there will be a new kind of appreciation of culture and differences between you and other people.