The First-Timer’s Travel Guide to Bohol, Philippines

Hotels and beach resorts in Bohol are a constant favorite among travelers wanting to see the best of the Philippines’ Central Visayas Region. And the usual number one tour destination after check-in: the Chocolate Hills, a group of about 1,700 grass-covered hills that turn brown during summer.

But with all of Bohol’s history and natural beauty, this attraction isn’t all that you can look forward to for your vacation.

Here’s a pocket guide for first-timers who want to explore the province’s tourist spots.

1. Blood Compact Shrine

Located along Carlos P. Garcia Circumferential Road, the Blood Compact Shrine is a memorial to the historic friendship pact between Filipinos and Spaniards. On March 16, 1565, Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and then Bohol chieftain Datu Sikatuna slit their wrists and dropped blood in wine. This ritual is locally known as “Sandugo”, which means “one blood”.

2. Baclayon Church

With religious relics dating back to the 16th century, Baclayon Church is also a destination not to be missed. Located in the municipality of Baclayon, just 6 km from Tagbilaran, it the second oldest stone church in the Philippines.

3. Punta Watch Tower

Punta Watch Tower is a triangular edifice in the municipality of Maribojoc, some 14 km west of Tagbilaran, that overlooks the seas of South Bohol. It was originally created as a lookout against pirates. From its topmost window, you will enjoy a view of Siquijor, Cebu, and Mindanao.

4. Balicasag Island

Because of the province’s natural underwater beauty, snorkeling and diving are also among the top activities here. And one of the default destinations for this is Balicasag Island. The easiest way to plan a trip is asking assistance from your beachfront resort in Bohol.

5. Bilar Manmade Forest

Another favorite stop among tourists is the Bilar Manmade Forest in Carmen Town. It spans 2 km and boasts a lush spread of red and white mahogany trees.

6. Hinagdanan Cave

Located on Panglao Island, Hinagdanan Cave is a naturally lighted limestone cavern that features a deep lagoon and many large stalactites and stalagmites. “Hinagdanan” literally translates to “laddered” — to get inside the cave, one has to go down using a ladder.

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