The Most Instragrammable Island Resort On The Planet Is Definitely In the Maldives

When people talk about tropical vacations, the Maldives is always on the list. It is composed of 26 ring-shaped chain of atolls and about a thousand coral islands. Each of these atolls offer lively reefs, stunning lagoons, and clear waters. But there is one island resort that trumps all of your preconceptions about the Maldives — Vakarufalhi Island Resort!

1. First of all, look at that pristine white beach

The only thing better than spending a day on a beach that looks like it was personally carved by the angels above is if you’ve won a million dollars. Are you going to win a million dollars anytime soon? No, probably not. But can you get yourself to this Vakarufalhi island in the Maldives? Yes, you definitely can!

2. The whole island IS the resort!

When it comes to total tropical paradise, this Vakarufalhi is the bees knees. The whole island is a private resort, which means you can explore all you want without the hassle of traffic and overcrowded destinations. All guests can S P R E A D O U T.

3. Who would’ve thought taking a bath outdoors can look THIS good?!

If anyone ever told me that I’d have to look at a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean everytime I take a bath in my outdoor tub, I’d have taken a bath outside a long time ago.

4. Look at this suite. Now look at your room. Do you have a pool perched on top of the ocean? Didn’t think so.

And it’s not just the outdoor bathtub! There are lounge seats, sofas, a bed, and a freakin’ pool overlooking the ocean! I can practically sleep outside while the mermaids of the sea are singing lullabies to me. Ariel, is that you?

5. Oh, don’t mind me. I just swam with a school of Spade Fish this morning, no biggie

This island resort in the Maldives has one of the liveliest reefs in the world! It’s not just Spade Fish, you can also swim with Sea Turtles, Whales, and even Sharks!

6. Tell me how to say no to beachside dining

Not even people on a diet can say no to eating fresh seafood and sweet fruits by the sea. It’s helpless, your mind’s already saying ‘heck yes!.’ Just give in!

7. The food itself will probably look better than any of your selfies

All I’m saying is, calories have never looked so good.

8. Don’t even get me started on that sunset

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We’re all about skies filled with orange and purple hues. Man, looking at a sunset over the ocean is definitely the best way to end the day.

Vakarufalhi Island Resort is on a league of its own

Vakarufalhi Island Resort redefines luxury Maldives accommodation. From their villas up to their excursion packages, you won’t ever want to leave this island again. And just look at that water, it’s so clear you can wink at your reflection and see it wink back at you

And you’re in luck, too! Vakarufalhi Island Resort is offering an All-Inclusive promo to make your Maldives dream vacation a reality.  

All Inclusive Deal Vakarufahli Island Resort

This promo comes with:

  • 40% discount on your Maldives accommodation
  • Full-board meals
  • Late check-out privilege (subject to availability)
  • One Free excursion
  • Welcome drinks and complimentary fruit basket

Just book directly on their website and get access to the best resort deals you’ll find online.

Don’t tell me you’re still reading this!

Treat yourself to an awesome trip at one of the most beautiful places on this planet. Vakarufalhi Island Resort is ready for you!