The Stunning Nightlife at Penang, Malaysia

Penang is more than just the historical sites and tourist spots you visit during the day. As soon as the sun goes down, a whole new life takes over the city. There’s just something about Penang’s various bars, pubs, and an impressive array of family-friendly activities that electrify the night. So on your next trip, right after you’ve looked at which hotel in Penang you’re going to stay, check out our list of the night-life spots and after-dark shopping sites you can enjoy during your stay in Penang, Malaysia.

Slippery Senoritas

Keeping it real at Upper Penang Road

The Upper Penang Road is considered to be the centre of nightlife in Georgetown, Penang. Its historic road, which used to the prime place for bakeries, is now lined with different pubs, karaoke joints, discotheques, restaurants, and shops. It has become one of Malaysia’s a la mode district where both the locals and tourists flock for their dose of nightly entertainment, dining, and unlimited shopping. Notable places you can look out for are Slippery Senoritas, Monkey Bar, 32 Mansion, and Soho Free House.

Batu Ferringhi night market

Shopping after dark

The night markets offer a different kind of shopping experience. With countless shops open for business until the wee hours of the night and an extensive array of items up for sale, visitors will definitely spend the whole night haggling and shopping the night away. Popular night markets to go to are Batu Ferringhi, Macallum Street, Farlim, and Tanjung Bungah.

QEII at Penang

Lounging about to enjoy the sunset

Ever had a dream where you were sipping cocktail, and your toes are curling on the sand as you look into the horizon and see the sun setting by the sea? Well, you can turn that into reality at Penang’s beach bars. You’ll be able to enjoy the company of your friends or family at the most relaxing setting. Must-try beach bars include Beach Blanket Babylon at George Town, Bora Bora at Batu Ferringhi, and QEII at Pengkalan Weld, Georgetown.

Even historical Malaysia hotels in Penang offer the best beachfront setting like Hotel Sentral Seaview Penang with their amazing Horizon Café and Seaview Lounge. You will quite literally be enjoying the cool sea breeze while spoiling yourself with delectable dishes and fresh cocktails.

Hawker Stalls

Munching around at hawker stalls

Going to hawker stalls is one of the best ways to learn about the island. It’s a bit unconventional, but the local dishes served in hawker stalls are cooked using old family recipes and old-fashioned cooking methods. Some of the hawker stalls are extensions of Chinese restaurants, but most are still open air centres. Among the most visited hawker centres in Penang are New Lane Hawker Centre, Gurney Drive Hawker Centre, Weld Quay Food Court, Presgrave Street Hawker Centre, and Kimberley St. Hawker Stalls.

Penang Island Jazz Festival

Enjoying live performances

You can get lost in Penang’s local music scene. There are annual music festivals are always to celebrate the thriving music industry of Penang. There is the Penang Island Jazz Festival which is the second largest performing arts event held in August. Another music festival would be the Penang World Music Festival which is held between March and April. For visitors who wouldn’t be able to come to these events, there are year-round performances in island bars. Among these is the iconic Hard Rock Café where both local and international artists take the stage. If you want a chill atmosphere, the Reggae Mansion has an outer lounge where they encourage open mic performers.

There are still lots to do in Penang, but the amazing activities when the sun comes down are a part of what makes the island beautiful. So let’s say you’re staying at Hotel Sentral Seaview Penang getting comfortable with the food and other accommodation in Penang being offered to you, but deep inside you’re itching for a new adventure. Get up, and go out to some of these night time destinations. There’s a whole new culture at night, and going on a trip to experience this side Penang is most certainly worth it.