The World’s Best Island in 20 Photos

Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards named Boracay as 2016’s best island in the world. CNT described it as an “itty-bitty island (just under 4 square miles) in the Western Philippines” that is as close to a tropical idyll as one will find in Southeast Asia.

1. The island’s gentle coastlines, inspiring sunsets, and thriving nightlife scene make Boracay, as they say, “one of the top tourist spots in the region.”

image is from “Home is where your Bag is”

2. The aptly named White Beach is Boracay’s main draw.

image from Nigi-Nigi Boracay Island

3. Fine white sand that stretches 4 kilometers makes seaside strolls a pleasure.

4. Crystal-clear waters that allow you to see plenty of small fish swimming by your feet.

image from Pinkikay youtube channel

5. Here, days are easy and breezy.

image from Boracay House for Rent website

6. It feels like you’re in paradise. And you just might be.

image from Estacion Uno website

7. The shore is the best place to view Mother Nature’s spectacular show…

image from Out of Town blog

8. Especially the island’s famous sunsets.

image from Altavista Boracay

9. It’s a glorious scene that you should not miss. Or capture in a photo.

image from Rappler website

10. It’s postcard-perfect!

image from My Boracay Guide website

11. Beachfront accommodations in Boracay offer a serene getaway, too. Case in point: this Boracay resort was once a popular bar and bistro. It’s now a cozy, quiet place to stay.

Hey! Jude South Beach is located within D’Mall in Station 2

12. This resort can turn your stay into a memorable vacation.

Hey! Jude Resort Hotel features cozy Boracay accommodations that have a relaxing courtyard view. Each air-conditioned room is fitted with a private toilet and bath, cable TV, Wi-Fi Internet access, phone, and safe.

13. It’s easy to discover why tourists around the world flock to Boracay.

image from 357 Boracay website

14. Endless fun is guaranteed by thrilling island activities.

image from World Tag website

15. Island hopping, diving, kite boarding, or Paraw sailing are just some of the activities you can enjoy on the island.

image from Elin Chow blog

16. Mermaid watching is also a Boracay thing.

image from Isla Boracay website

17. Of course, the vibrant nightlife.

image from Nock Bon’s 500px page

18. Whether you choose frolicking at the beach or reveling in other activities, Boracay beach resorts have you covered.

image from Boracay Go website

19. The put it simply, the island is a stunner.

image from Thousand Wonders website

20. Come. Fall in love with its resplendent beauty. See for yourself why Boracay is one of the best islands in the world.

image from TravelDigg website