These Photos of Amarela Resort Will Make You Book a Bohol Trip Today

Welcome to Amarela Resort in Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines. This is a beach hideaway that is inspired by nature and nurtured by culture.

Amarela Resort has been an advocate for local art and culture since its inception. Owner Atty. Lucas Nunag, a proud Boholano, had been collecting artpieces and antique décor, old implements and furniture from Bohol since he was a practicing lawyer.

When Amarela was conceptualized, an opportunity was presented – to create a venue where Boholano heritage, art and culture could be preserved and showcased. The resort could be a venue for people to truly experience local flavor through artistry and craftsmanship.

The resort structure itself is accented with old woodwork.

Antique artifacts such as wooden altars, household objects and furniture, and local paintings are prominently displayed, adding color and character to the guest experience.

All the furniture used in the resort is made by resort carpenters in a studio set up in Antequera, a nearby town known for its basketry and woodworking.

A number of these pieces are refurbished antiques, given new life and purpose. The rest are renderings, both faithful and creative, using traditional methods. Skilled local craftsmen from the area also create all the woven items used in Amarela such as its baskets, coasters, and placemats.

A number of paintings and sculpture from local artists have also been added to the collection. Notable among these are the works of the late Hermogena “Nene Lungay”, who was a classmate of Philippine National Artists Abueva and Joya. Her lovely works showcase old Boholano traditions as well as delicate renderings of local fruit and flowers.

Amarela created an art gallery on the property to showcase its collection of local art, antiques and artifacts. This is a strong commitment to the promotion and appreciation of local art as well as the preservation of Boholano culture and heritage.

Amarela Beach Resort is blessed with a beautiful setting. It is situated on top of a gentle slope with a sweeping view of the Mindanao Sea and surrounded by lush vegetation.

The beachfront is part of the longest strip of white sandy beach in Panglao Island, Bohol.

Taking all of these into account, it is only natural that Amarela is a strong advocate of preserving the environment.

Green practices have been incorporated into Amarela’s operations since its inception. During its construction, great care was taken to preserve existing trees and vegetation. This led to ensuring that the habitat of local birds, butterflies and other animals were conserved.

Recycled wood retrieved from demolished old houses on the island was utilized in building the resort’s structures as well as decorative accents. Antique tables, chairs and artifacts were given a new home.

Public areas were built with energy efficiency in mind, maximizing the use of natural light and the sea breeze.

A reed bed was created to naturally process and recycle wastewater from our bathrooms and kitchen for use in watering the landscape.

Other initiatives include the use of solar heating, and use of energy efficient fixtures, rainwater collection and waste management.

In recognition of its efforts, Amarela was the first resort in Bohol to receive the prestigious ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Green Hotel Award back in 2014.

This bi-annual honor acknowledges hotels and resorts with a strong commitment to the environment by implementing green initiatives according the ASEAN Green Hotel Standard – one of six ASEAN Tourism Standards that the ten ASEAN member states consider essential for the promotion of the region as a quality tourist destination.

It retains the distinction of being one of only ten establishments in the Philippines to receive this accolade for 2016 to 2018.

Amarela’s location is also a great vantage point for Alona Beach, which is dubbed as Bohol’s mini-Boracay because of its white sand. Book a room through Amarela Resort’s website today and enjoy a spectacular summer in Panglao.