This Panglao Island Resort Lets You Take The Most Insta-Worthy Pictures

I think we can all agree that nowadays no holiday getaway in a first-class resort like Henann Alona Bohol is complete without taking several photos for your Instagram.

It’s all about getting pictures with the most gorgeous and most interesting backdrops.

And that’s exactly one of the things you’ll enjoy when you choose to spend a night or two in Henann Alona.

The resort is fronted by powdery white sand and crystal clear waters that make for a stunning landscape that will truly take your breath away.

In here, there’s no shortage of aesthetically pleasing backdrops for your next Instagram photo.

Trust me when I say you’ll be hard-pressed to find a hideaway as beautiful as this.

Even from a distance, it’s easy to be blown away by the absolute beauty of Bohol’s most photographed beach.

No backdrop is more desirable than the sea and towering palm trees, right?

Did I mention that Henann Alona is just perfect if you’re looking for a Bohol resort with swimming pool right outside your room?

To say that this place looks charming is an understatement — the lush surroundings and picture-perfect swimming pools give the resort a fantasy-like feeling that’s hard to shake.

Fight me, but this jaw-dropping aerial view of the resort should give it a prime position on your bucket list.

If you ever find yourself in a Panglao, Bohol beach resort, getting a cone of malunggay ice cream is a must. Taking a photo of it against the cerulean sea isn’t too bad as well.

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