This Tagaytay Hotel Will Remind You Of 4 Book Genres

Tagaytay is more than a stopover or a memorable landscapes that everyone loves to see. It’s a place where all these timeless tales carry for many generations for our fellow city dwellers.

When you stay at a hotel like Taal Vista Hotel, you will find stories in all kinds of forms; marriage proposals, birthday blowouts, anniversaries, and other special milestones. If you think about it, it may sound like it represents some of the book genres you may have read in your lifetime.

Here are a few that you might encounter and some you might get to know the hotel more through these genres.  


In the Taal Vista Hotel accommodation, you will definitely find some history. This hotel is known for its longest-standing hotels in Tagaytay and is known to be acquired by the man who lead the SM Investment Corporation, Henry Sy. In one of the halls near the lobby, you may see pictures of how the hotel was like way back then and the changes they have gone through after all these years.


If you’re into dine-in restaurants that are classic, stylish, and certainly fresh, you will definitely be curious on the taste. So there’s a little bit of mystery there if you have the appetite to explore different kinds of meals. During your stay, you can experience exquisite dishes at the Taza Fresh Table where you can witness dishes being cooked while you wait.


Within and outside of the hotel, you can participate in activities with families and friends. Depending on the availability of the schedule, the hotel provides events that supports the well-being of their guests.

If you want to step out for an adventure, there are other nearby places that are simply a walk or drive away that is worth visiting like farms, chapels, and other historical landmarks. You can ask the front desk for some suggestions on where to go.


Romance is definitely in the air when you’re in one of the hotel’s finest restaurants, their remarkable event venues, and not to forget their heavenly spacious rooms. You will fall in love in all those places and the ones you chose to spend time with at Taal Vista Hotel. When memories are created at this hotel, it will certainly stick to you even after check-out.

So these are the book genres you might find in this wonderful Tagaytay accommodation that sums up to a unforgettable story of your trip. If you want to create new memories with loved ones, start it here at Taal Vista Hotel. They might fill up some pages of your life story.

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